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  • forestgunk forestgunk Sep 30, 2002 11:49 AM Flag

    GWB to GHB, HELP!!!


    Everything seems to be falling into the crapper. I've tried to focus the nation on the "war", but everybody keeps bringing up the economy, health care, energy independence, and corporate ethics.

    They say that until they see Ken Lay, Fastow, Skilling, et al. in jail they won't believe I am serious about corporate corruption!

    They say that until I have an energy policy that weans us from the "oil tit", then going to war with Sadam is ridiculous!

    They say that they are getting older and that health care is eating away their life savings!

    They keep on telling me "its the economy, and calling me stupid!

    Dad, you gotta help me. I sure don't want to be a one term wonder, like you, but it sure looks like with all the layoffs, stock losses, and bankruptcies, I'm going to be in real trouble pretty soon.

    What do you suggest, Dad?


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    • Cat, please point out where I suggested tax increases. My original point was that Dubya has done nothing to deserve the title of Great, as one poster had suggested.

    • So,,, if the tax cut didn't help then by the same logic, a tax increase can't hurt?

      I hope the Democrats are the ones that try and say that during an election year, heh....

    • The problen is simple. If you decided to leave your job today, and take one that pays less, do you think that you could afford to spend the same amount of money every month. NO.
      It was a tax cut stupid. You cannot decrease your income and still keep spending the same amount. As for cutting spending, where would you start. The budget may have fat, but it is fat that is put there by special interest groups, that have both parties wrapped around their fingers.

    • Cat, I never said that I was in favor of rolling back the tax cuts. My point is that the cuts that were made, have not really done anything to help the economy. I am not a big fan of Dubya's, but I think that both sides missed the boat on this one. The exuberance of the economy hadnt'worn off, even though the downturn was already in full swing when the cuts were proposed. The fact that we would quickly be running a deficit should have been pretty easy to predict.

    • You know I see all the nonsense about GWB calling his Dad. ANyone that comes up with it doesn't need much imagination to do it. But imagine if Gore won, now his Dad was a plotician too but nobody brings it up because he is dead. Who would he call? GWB is a great President and will continue to be one. WHo else can have the guts to clean up a very big mess that he was left with. So lets all grow up and support our President in his efforts...At least this time the USA will not be defending someone for getting a BJ but trying to do the correct thing to pretect the USA.

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      • Hey maroon, talking about insensitivity:

        "if Gore won, now his Dad was a plotician"

        We know Gore, Sr. passed on, no need to call him a plotician.

        My display must be malfunctioning. It looks like you wrote: "GWB is a great President and will continue to be one"

        Nah, Doc, couldn't be. No one could be that stupid to believe that.

        What's that Doc? You say you are that stupid.

        And they say cartoon characters are dumb.

      • How do you determine that Dubya is a GREAT president? What has he done that any other president wouldnt have done if faced with the same circumstances? Dubya is competent at best. He has done an acceptable job of dealing with the aftermath of 9/11. Unfortunately, to be able to deserve the title of greatness, you need to be more than a one trick pony.
        The economy is still a mess. I do not care how it got there, it is his to deal with. And please don't tell me how the Dems kept him from dealing with the economy by not letting him have his way. We are running a deficit again, and it would only be larger if Dubya got all of the cuts that he had asked for.

    • Son, whatever you do, do not say that phrase, what was it?,,,'put lipstick on this pig", no thats not it,,"read my lips",,yup thats it!!

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