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  • lousucks2002 lousucks2002 Nov 6, 2002 9:01 AM Flag

    republican victory?,,,hardly

    you were SET UP longy dongys,,,Bush targeted to defeat democratic moderates,,Carnahan of Missouri, Johnson of SD, and Cleland of Georgia all voted fer Bushes tax cut and Iraq resolution,,,he chose to join the political fray and now the democrats left are really pissed!!!,,,no way in hell thay ever get 60 votes in the senate,,,,longs u have been SET UP!!

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    • So how do you justify being conservative (pro-capital punishment), and being religous?

    • When was the last time that you were in Church. This is not the Catholic church of the sixties. There are still some things with the Church that I would change, and I am not required to follow the Pope blindly (it aint the Repulican party).

    • Actaully there is a middle ground. I do abhor the taking of life. That includes the taking of life by the government. I also know that a womans choice to have an abortion is currently protected by the laws of our land. It is a conundrum to be sure, but it is one that I live with.

    • I don't give a crap what the Pope says, I'm not even Catholic. I'm just going by what the Bible says about it, not any other authority.

      I've made my choice, but it still seems like an oxymoron to say you're religious but liberal at the same time. The two don't mix very well.

    • You can tell that to the Pope. According to him, 90% of all Catholics are going to Hell because they use birth control anyway. Who do you listen to? The leader of your religion, or the mainstream society? Draw a line in the sand and make a choice.

    • So, you are both. How do you feel on abortion issues? True Catholics are supposed to abhor the taking of life, while Liberals don't seem to mind.

      No middle ground here, I don't think.

    • goreby20004

      Jesus was a liberal and socialist. Get your FACTS straight before you say that liberals abhor religion. Oh BYW, you left out one virtuous character trait in your list - GREED!! You also misspelled �abhor�.

    • That is one of the stupidist things that I have ever heard. I am a Catholic, and a Liberal, and I am proud of both. To even insinuate that Liberals abhor religion is idiotic.

    • "that is just it with you people out there (when I say "you people" I mean all lazy bums. There are plenty of jobs out there...."

      "You People"? Interesting enough, last time I checked I was gainfully employed and had a income over 120k.

      Quote " Any economist (or any one else) that states there are plenty of jobs that pay enough to live off of has one."

      I am not refering to low paying menial service jobs.
      I am refering to the number of jobs that pay enough for families to support themselves without having to go on public assistance to keep from choosing between utilities, rent and food. As well as jobs that boost consumption among the middle class. Low paying menial jobs wont do that.

      Anyone that thinks that there have not been a huge number of job layoffs that are not impacting the economy as well as migration of jobs overseas is not up on current events. The economy will not improve unless business starts hiring enough American workers that allow , disposable income leading to increased consumption of products that they are trying to sell, until then it aint gonna get better.

      It's hard to sell products , to overseas Indian and Chinese workers that are occuping outsourced American jobs that pay below 200 dollars a month.

    • that is just it with you people out there (when I say "you people" I mean all lazy bums. There are plenty of jobs out just have to look, and maybe, just maybe, have to swallow your pride and take a pay cut or a more menial job then what you may be used to.

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