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  • retirein0704 retirein0704 Feb 21, 2003 11:17 AM Flag

    Rumor-IBM retirement bridge

    Rumors are flying that IBM may offer up to a 5
    year bridge for employees on the "old plan". If
    they don't take the offer, then they get switched to new cash balance plan. It's just a rumor at this point, but in my opinion they would get a lot of people to leave if the
    buyout terms are good. Anyone have more info on this or hearing anything about it?

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    • Your story if true shows what irony there is in pissed off ex ibmer's...if they truly are old timers, then they are collecting an ibm pension as we speak, which will disappear if they are successful in hurting IBM, as no pension plan is guaranteed if the company goes under.....

    • It wasn't only people like your brother that were "put out to pasture", some "execs" were too. Keep in mind, this was primarily staffed with the remnants of NHD, and their record of "success" speaks for itself.

    • I agree with your first statement. However, my brother tried to point out to the "managers" what they needed to do to correct the situation. He does not have a big ego, however he has good business savvy and has a good understanding of the business and the players. He and many others were viewed as a "threat" to the characters in charge (including the one that falls asleep at the drop of a hat) - if you know the storage group, you will know who I am referring to.
      He is doing quite well and has overturned more than one IBM "win" to a loss.

    • The IBM storage division has been an absolute disgrace for the last 10 years top to bottom and the NAS unit should have been put out of business. Now IBM has outsourced this part of the storage business in hopes of recovering.

      As far as your brother working for a competitor, so what, he'll probably f!ck them up too.

    • You are SO correct! My brother was also put out to pasture by IBM and it was ONLY because of politics. He worked in the NAS group (which collapsed within 3 months of his departure). The collapse wasn't due to his leaving (obviously), but rather to the ineptitude of the people running the group. In any event, he now works for a Storage competitor, knows the IBM gear cold, and is asked to come to any/all bidding wars. Your synopsis parallels his experiences.

    • Good message string. I was an IBM manager in my past life. I then came back as a consultant for 9 years or so.

      During this time I attended countless meetings on service and support issues with many attendees.

      It was amazing to watch the old farts keep qiuet and the new kids typically act like the little rascals when they said "my dad has a barn, lets hold a play".

      The kids would wrange with issues for days eeven though many of them had been solved years ago. It seems that many old farts were typically told that the new breed of managers didn't wan to hear about the past and if they wanted to stay they should keep a low profile.

      A well managed organization can profit greatly from a mixture of old and new blood. IBM has always needed a group of people to ridicule. In the past, such groups as ROLM, Spectrum, Office Products and others were always used as funny examples during management training. Now it is the old farts.

    • Glad to see another reasonable IBM executive on this board. Thanks.

      Let's hope we make it through yet another summer of discontent and disappointment.

    • Wow, what a literary masterpiece you just wrote! Filled with all kinds of fractured sentence fragments and incomplete thoughts. Also, there are some interesting words in there that escaped your spell checker. I bet your next question is "What is a spell checker?" Keep those brilliant thoughts and ideas coming in.... Nice job!

    • Very well stated and unfortunately for IBM, very true.
      I have always put the highest value on the contributions of the "old farts" on my teams.
      IBM's business environment is extremely over complicated for what it is. An environment that takes years to learn to execute effectively. Not to mention the technical expertise contributed by these "old farts"
      Unfortunately, there are not many experienced IBMers remaining.
      As I have stated before, IBM has pissed off way too many people.

    • You are probably a stinking H-1B.
      Where I work they mostly linger out in the hallways, whispering among themselves whenever a native born american comes by, engaged in conversations and discussions on which American job is joing to be "offshored" next.

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