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  • long_time_investor long_time_investor May 12, 2005 3:09 PM Flag

    Why is IBM down again today?

    Any news?

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    • Well said Garce, I could not say it better, i started to buy IBM share when i joined the company a long time ago (never sold just accumulate), today i get a very nice return.
      like i say sometime to friends Big Blue is my second mother.

    • Man, It is very easy to learn how IBM management functions! Just look at the last 10 years of layoff data ad sees how many managers in there 40s and 50s were laid off? Some managers got token layoff and hired back in short time as a staff in their close organization!
      IBM management operates on strict discipline loyalty and secrecy! IBM also uses these gangs to fight against Union formation and other legal employees activities and still detach herself from legal responsibilities!

    • Been there and not a good place to work. Clueless managers

    • IMO,
      IBM has some great managers, the ones that used to irritate the crap out of me are the know nothings, that get on conference calls and then try to sound intellgent, in order to justify their band 9+ saleries.

      It gets funny, when you start asking them detailed questions about how to implement their "proposals", or start pointing out why something will not work, based on real world attributes.

      They they start getting abtruse with their answers, and in the background you can hear them typing IM type questions to people that understand the actual issues and know the answers, so that they can respond to reality like they have a clue.

    • IBM managers are no longer expected to have people skills, just spreadsheet and pipeline metric skills. The place has become a joke and Ihave never in my life seen morale so bad.

    • IMO, IBM needs to fire, any manager that that has absolutly no people management skills, who does not go to the wall for their staff, anyone with their nose up upper level managements butt, who manages their group by metrics and conference calls, who has no clue what their staff is talking about, as those types can cause extreme damage to team morale, project delivery and customer satisfaction.

    • Sir,
      I salute you, indeed a great example of a manager that knows nothing and does nothing. Basically when your staff came to you with a problem, your support of your people was zero and your "solution", based on your actual knowledge of the details of projects within your group that you manage being zero, was to send them away as you had absolutely no idea what they were talking about.

      Go back to your conference calls with the masses of management asses,your metrics that the people that understand what is going on provide for you for you on conference calls to sound like you have a clue as to the status of anything or anybody that you manage, and your "dashboard".

      For God's sake, do not get in the way of anybody that actually knows what they are doing.

      I predict upper level executive management/ CEO level responsiblity for you within your near future.

    • IBM is not the problem. "Its the entilement mentality, society brats, whiners, who add to the problem without looking for a solution. I dealt with these monkey probems using the following management format,,,
      Whenever, one would bring their problem (monkey) to my office, I'd give it back & send them off with another problem (monkey) to solve. It didn't take very long for me to clean out all of the monkey from my desk. Soon the whining stopped & productivity started to improve contributing to the solution not the problem.

      Semper fi

    • "Waiting for POG to hit $400"??

      From which direction?

      Update your profile, can't stay(don't we wish) under 50 forever....

    • BAAAAA BAAAAAAAAA i want someone to milk me!

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