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  • bilbungalo bilbungalo Jul 31, 2007 4:10 PM Flag

    I don't have the stomach for this stuff

    give me a reason to stick around? when has IBM fell this far after a great earnings report? makes no frikkin sense and I am pissed

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    • It is not really a problem with IBM. The market overall is down because of subprime mortgages and credit. It is very volatile right now. I would admit it hurt but I am keeping IBM.

    • Look at the bright side. On 8/9 if you stay long and reinvest your dividends and the stock remains at a low point
      you will increase your shares at a cheap price and be positioned for the next run up to FairValue.

      WeakHandsBrightSide ==> Earnings/Divs/PEs/IntRates OnARoll..


    • Yo Bill - CHILL.
      You just said yesterday that IBM would be $120 by Friday!
      Are you the only one pissed today? DOUBT IT!
      You bought your tickets to see the show. See what happens tomorrow that's all. Gotta hang tough till you're in the money.
      Insider selling? Hey, if I could sell and make 3, 5, or 8 million dollars in 1 pop, would I wait for the very best price I could get? Hell no! Gimme that cash now. But as we are only small time, we gotta wait.
      Good luck - to you and me.

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