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  • plmarion2000 plmarion2000 Mar 9, 2009 10:39 AM Flag

    AIG $170 Bil. Bailout - How long will it take to pay it back?

    Uproot the lavished Ceo, Cfo n Ccos and reboot the whole system.
    You don’t have to be an economic genius to figure this one out people. Big banks and insurance companies are failing due to their own greed and unregulated oversite by our own government.

    It doesn't help to outsource all of our jobs either.
    & Free trade is great for the people who don't have to follow rules. They win everytime. They are turning the US to sh!t!, for higher profit margins at the top.
    We need to dump the lobbyists, it's effecting the descision process in Washington.
    Both parties are on the take!

    Take corporate sponsors out of our politcs.
    All I'm seeing, is rich people lining each others pockets. We the people don't have the bribe $

    I've got a better stimulus. Take back the $ from AIG & give it to the people. Anybody who handed out/or received millions in bonuses at taxpayer's expenses(during a crises)should be shot or imprisoned! Aig is the worst example of management abuse in history! Since they have full time lobbyists lining pockets in Washington, it is very import that the tax payers continue to hand them billions. The waiting line for "new" luxury yaughts is now 4 years. Aig management still has to wait in line with the bank & housing execs. They accepted short term profits knowing it would lead to a adverse effect. I vote for public hangings. Take back the money & distribute it amongst the tax payers. That would spark the economy directly. If we took the $ we gave AIG alone & divided amongst the people (instead of CEO's & exec pigs) We'd see millions of common people buying cars & houses. These elitists & their government are keeping everything to themselves. They believe in the trickle down effect. If you hand them millions & billions, they will eventually be nice enough to bring our jobs back & give us loans.

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