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  • esadmfs esadmfs Apr 1, 2009 3:04 AM Flag

    An IBM Contract Win is a Loss to Americans

    There used to be a saying for General Motors: "what's good for GM is good for the USA."

    I think many people still feel that way with companies like IBM.

    However you need to get with the program here. Close to 66% of IBM is foreign workers. It's not what it used to be people.

    Mass layoffs in the US by this company in favor of hiring more people in India and China in the nations time of need? WTF is that.

    A contract win for IBM is good for the US CEO of IBM and that's about all, who else benefits?

    Not the middle class, ask the thousands of people that have been cut here. Ask the millions of people that have to pick up the tax burden for the people IBM laid off.

    No, the company wins a contract there's nothing to feel good about here like American innovation is winning.

    There's no trickle down economics that benefits all Americans here.

    IBM wins a contract and the first thing you do is see how much of that money you can send off shore out of America if you're an IBM exec. and out of the tax system too.

    Why should Americans feel good about IBM winning a contract. Like it's going to create jobs, jobs for who..the foreign H1-B visa students?

    No, I'm sorry this company doesn't represent anything to feel good about in America if you ask me right now. Nothing! What do I care if it grows, if it wins more business it ain't helping us that's for sure.

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    • what about whiners ?????? this kind of thing has
      gone on for 200 years and YOU have benefitted
      from previous cycles, of course, I did too, but
      then I'm not whining ..... over the next few years, there will be opportunities in the US
      that will far exceed the gold rushes of the
      1800's in Ca and Al ... whining will only fill
      the eyes with tears, such that the opportunities
      cannot be seen. The current recession has brought
      to the fore, everything that disgruntles workers
      have been complaining about and changes are
      on the way, but don't look for them overnight.
      How about thinking of a way to convert the
      motion of walking into electrical generation
      that will power the walker's cell phone or
      berry thing .... later ..... garce

      • 1 Reply to AU90CU10
      • Garce, Opportunities are always around. But US workers are going through an adjustment cycle which is created by the Globalization. Actually the current Globalization was sold by the US corporations and politicians on higher exports and more jobs. But at the end US workers found far more imports than export growth. That was a fraudulent claim. Anyway, for next 5 years US workers will see income reduction and shrinking lifestyle. They will have fewer toys but will have more savings. For next 3 years we will not see the last year's retail sale numbers.

    • Nope, that's not true. What's most important these days is whether or not your current project(s) are funded or not. If they aren't, you are likely a target, especially if you are able to retire or maybe just transferred into a new job or area. It used to be that they would transfer you to a new job if your current one went away, but that's no longer the case, no matter how good your skills are.

    • You are ranting. This board can't help you I'm afraid, it is dominated by those that want to see IBM prosper.

    • And lost products, jobs and opportunity will continue to come back to the US when justified. It has and will happen as part of the natural, healthy ebb and flow of commerce, not the result of political acts driven by self-serving "special interest" blocks (left or right, labor or management, free-traders vs protectionists, etc) The solution, as I see it, is the balance of our strenghts, without domination of any particular special interest.

    • I benefit as a stock holder as well as many other companies who have their pension plans with IBM stock investments. Also the US tax base is supported by IBM as well as many donations to various charities and eduction. The business world has changed and if you dont change you go belly up.

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