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  • canner01 canner01 Apr 2, 2009 3:25 PM Flag

    An IBM Contract Win is a Loss to Americans

    My oh my, again and again the poor naive downsized, outsourced, obsolete loser just can't face cruel reality. YOUR JOB SKILLS HAVE NO COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE AT THE WAGE YOU EXPECT. I have been patient in my compassion for you all laid-off whiners, but that's it.

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    • To be fair, IBM management is not eompletely innocent here. There is a lot of corporate politics and cronyism.

      Nevertheless, there is some truth in what you say. If an IBM-er can truly provide value and quality that cannot be duplicated elsewhere, there should not be any fear of being outsourced. For example, I know for a fact that development of a particular product was brought back from overseas to the US.

    • LOL,

      Your's was probably Marie Antoinette’s attitude as well up until the time that the French people revolted, cut off her head and cut off the heads of all the others that profited from the misery of others.

      All living behind the gates of wealth detached from the misery of society upper classes

      Why can’t "those little people" just eat their cake and shut up.

      "I have been patient in my compassion for you all peasants, but that's it."

      "No more government handouts like free cake for you peasants."

      "My neck feels strange"
      “Oh my aching neck" :-D

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