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  • canner01 canner01 Jun 11, 2009 8:54 PM Flag

    Poor Alaskans, stuck with Palin

    If you like them attractive, gun-loving and bascially dull-witted.

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    • Sounds good to me...How did that sister of hers look. I may want to go post her bail...One thing about that family. Never a dull moment..

    • Yup .. perfection can become boring quickly. Todd
      has done the rest of us a favor by keeping her
      tied up.

      • 1 Reply to AU90CU10
      • Done us a favor??? You may be talking about my true love. And that ahole todd has got her...Oh well, seems to be the story of my life. Seems like s*** like this happens all the time, since I waited till I was old enough to start getting the Max from SS...When I was your age, I would have went over there and took her away from that ahole...I never did like him anyway...And really don't read the board enough to even know who you are talking about. But if he has our woman I know I don't like him...Oh, by the way, I had been playing IBM to go up till yesterday. Played it to go down today. Made a little money both ways. Its still a little early to know what it will do this afternoon. But I may play it to go up Monday...And it will still close next Fri closer to 105 than 110. Now, that is based on the options. That could change. Those hedge fund mngrs that get paid billions in salary a yr, have to rape a lot of people to justify that kind of money...But if you studied the options board. You can see how they do it...Its hard to do, but when it is going up and you are convinced it is going higher. Play it to go down and visa versa. Those B***ards are good at what they do...I think there are a group of them, that work together, with trillions (not billions) and can drive any stk or commodity any where they want it. I am thru here. Going to the bar and see if there are any skanks I can aggrevate. Yea when I was your age. I would be trying to pork um...Any more, I believe I rather have a promise than be bothered with it...Sad but true....Lets kill that todd dude!!!!!

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