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  • dino2hootie dino2hootie Dec 1, 2009 3:17 PM Flag

    Sold at 128.2!! Thanks

    I also sold, but I'm back in, in a day or two if it follows the same routine. And if it finally makes its move from 128, well, I'm back in then too.

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    • I think it will continue up....They sold more puts than calls today...Thats sort of like walking up and slapping an 800 lb gorilla...They are betting the MM he can't drive it higher...I actually thought about buying some puts...Decided not to after seeing how many traded...I made that mistake a couple of mths ago...The only difference. I bought with only 1 wk before they expired...Anyway i ain't got no position...

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      • Hey mills welcome back.

        You said,"Anyway i ain't got no position."

        I get more out of your posts when you're flat here. My impression from your couple strings of threads here when you were short is that when your position goes against you the first stage is aggressively talking your book and then when you head towards expiry with pockets in flames you turn into an evil Jerry Lewis and do slap-stick routines motivated by the seemingly routine abuse of your wallet.

        But we've got a big tent here so welcome back.

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