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  • big_ol_jet big_ol_jet Feb 4, 2010 9:15 AM Flag


    The demise of the “thanks” program shows that list of programs IBM can cut is getting thin. Management will continue to peck away one nickel at a time. As a hire right out of college in the 90’s, I have realized it is time to move on. As an employee and IBM seller, it shows me this is not a place I want to be much longer. To put things in perspective, I am a remote employee working at home, saving the company over $1,000 /month in office space. IBM will no longer pay for my internet connection ($50/month) or even a home office phone ($50/month), I am forced to get by on the company issued blackberry which barely works where I live. My Thinkpad goes back to the days when IBM still made PC’s and crashes constantly. There is no focus on helping us be more productive, only on how to save a couple of bucks. If IBM were an airline, I would not be flying Big Blue for fear of crash… My earnings are managed despite exceeding my quota and being ranked a ‘1’ , even the “100% Club” and “Golden Circle” events going back to Tom Watson have been cut despite record EPS by IBM. Why should I be motivated to sell more… IBM’s internal systems for managing customers are horrible, it is the dedication of the IBMer’s on the street and touching customers who hold it together and protect ill advised cost cutting management from themselves.

    I thank Lou Gerstner for turning IBM around and providing some perspective from the outside world but that perspective has been lost & the current management of IBM lifer's only concern is their deferred compensation, restricted stock,and short term gains. I appreciate the experience, the company paid MBA, and worldwide life long friends made along the way. I know it is bad out there but my focus in 2010 will be beyond IBM.

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    • I was asking this of jason08755

    • Are you an adult?

    • I didn't say that, but since you are pssedoff, that would make you emotional cut off to anything you don't want to hear regardless of whether it is factual or not.

      You also sound pretty dumb, but that goes hand in hand with someone who is pssedoff.

      I'm ony articulating the strategy that IBM has laid out and is executing. I've made no judgement either way, and in fact stated that this strategy does not appear to be working for the shareholder.

      You may want to grow up a bit, but if living in an adolescent emotional state works for my guest.

    • Let me enlighten you. This was not necessarily high praise for the executive team. What I said stands, and refers to the IBM strategy which is unabashedly to ramp down investment in the U.S., while ramping it up in emerging markets. There is nothing hypocritical about that.

      Get it now?

    • I believe that is partially true. However, you have to keep in mind that in emerging market countries, IBM is not carrying out the same stragegy of "cutting to the bone", but instead is trying to gain a strong foothold by capturing hearts and minds of its employees and communities in those countries.

      Another reason why this company sputtered is Sam P., who had this company on a strategy to ramp up its services business while draining its lifeblood hardware business. Services is a financial pithole with high competition and low margins. Fortunately Sam was enlightened by Steve Mills and Mark Loughridge who were able to convince him to push investment into Software, which is much more lucrative and generates tremendous cash flows.

      I watched Sam run the PC business into the ground and then firesale it to produce a massive compensation bonus for himself. Sam is a mental midget, but fortunately has surrounded himself with some very talented executives.

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    • For many it's a quick thing and for others it takes time to realize. IBM is a world of mediocrity.

      In the old IBM you could move to another area and be re-born into a new career, but today's IBM doesn't allow that for the throngs that are not "chosen", like the executives. The majority of the "unclean masses", the "un-MBAs", have no chance to move like in the past. Today you are hired for one thing, and if it isn't making money or you are too old you are fired. A resource is not an asset, it's a disposable tool once obsolete and it's cheaper to get a new tool than to move them to another project.

      Now that you've seen the light, I don't suggest you leave in a hurry. Bide your time and plan your exit. Like Gerstner said, it's your career and your money, so optimize the opportunity by getting the most you can for you and not for the firm.

      Don't bother with the union. They won't help you. The real future is to distance yourself from the brand and either leech off it or go against it. Get your lips off the tit that is making you into a lazy, fat target.

      The other problem that most IBMers have is fear. The company and its paid propaganda channels make it a priority to induce FUD to employees so that they are paralyzed and get plucked off when management decides.

      Take charge of your career! You'll make mistakes, but you'll be better for them. Too many IBMers wait too long and so the average IBMer is totally unprepared and mentally destroyed when laid off.

      First of all, don't quit, plan on letting let them fire you. Starting today, invest in looking for the new job Ideally, you'd like to be fired one week and start a new job the next, and I know of many who have actually been able to do it. BTW, don't go to Microsoft. They are very much starting to look like IBM. Look at places like Oracle/SUN, HP and others, but many small consulting firms are a great place to go. CIO magazine recently reported that the turnover among clients of senior IT management has begun, so there will be opportunity there as well.

      On the other hand, it's time to think of you and your colleagues, then IBM. Traditionally, IBM wants you to work to death in obscurity so that you have no network outside of IBM and no good family life. Stop the overtime and focus on the family. Use the free time not for pet management projects but for skills development for a future job outside of the company. Ask only for work that will help you after you leave. Start trying to get your name out of the company by passing your name out as an expert in your community among friends. Seek to file patents, write articles and go for speaking engagements. They may try to stop you with the BCG, but when they do, make it very public that you were willing to help, but the IBM brand stopped you. Enough pressure will happen that they'll let you go eventually.

      Interestingly enough, I was not surprised when recently told that about 6% of the technical people in IBM today are moonlighting. That's ethically problematic, and you should not do it.

      Consider cozying up with some of the partners. If there's a client problem, don't take IBM's side, defend the partner. When they see you're on their side, you may see a offer coming from them. Many IBM top talent have played this game and continue to do it to this day, specially in the tech support and business development areas.

      The situation is bad, the client sat is falling and the cuts in benefits and just basic expenses will continue. Don't worry about it. That's IBM. Laugh at it because this problem is common to most large American multi-nationals.

      Don't worry, Most of the industry knows your plight. There are a lot of IBMers who will silently help you during this time of transition.

      It's a great life out there after IBM. Go and be successful!

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