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  • AU90CU10 AU90CU10 Mar 5, 2010 2:45 PM Flag

    Comments invited .. please read this

    then post a comment on why IBM is not a good investment or
    shouldn't be viewed as buy and hold ....

    The latest in a string of photonic computing breakthroughs, IBM's nanophotonic avalanche photodetector (say that one 10 times fast!) could be produced with standard tools of semiconductor manufacturing, using common materials like silicon and germanium. It aims to replace copper wires between computer chips with circuits that use pulses of light. No more than "a few tens of atoms" in size, the detectors could decode signals with so little power that a 1.5-volt battery might one day power a fully functioning computer. Oh, and IBM created the requisite ultra-fast light diodes way back in 2007. Try to keep up.

    IBM Research spokesman T.C. Chen imagines that "the prospect of building power-efficient computer systems with performance at the Exaflop level might not be a very distant future." To put that vision into perspective, today's fastest supercomputer (a 37-000-processor monster built by Cray (Nasdaq: CRAY) for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory) achieves peak performance of 2.3 Petaflops, or just 0.23% of an Exaflop.

    no need for urgency because of this PR , we won't see that
    stuff for 10 years (okay, maybe 5) . but other companies
    are not achieving the same results from their R&D ...

    what we ARE seeing now, are some of the fruits from
    similar pr's from 5 or 6 yrs. ago

    IBM has platform changes due in 2012 and 2015, incremental
    advances of current technology, which still must battle
    heat problems ... this technology could scrap the plans
    for 2015 and beyond, which would fuel the machine even
    more .. later ... garce

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    • You're correct about one thing, Heat is a very limiting factor when building a data-center and it is not getting any better using existing technology. It is what is causing Moore's law to hit the wall. The current incremental performance increases are not sustainable using existing technology. Business building new computing centers are having a difficult time staying "green" when it comes to cooling these monsters. Any technology that reduces power to match increases in performance will be welcomed. We will not see a true new generation of computing platforms until this is addressed.

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      • March 9, 2010 6:00 AM EST
        Energy Efficiency Certificates Now Being Registered with APX

        HOBOKEN, N.J.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- APX, Inc., the leading infrastructure provider for environmental and energy markets, is pleased to announce that it has now extended its registry services to include both renewable energy and energy efficiency certificates for voluntary markets. The first voluntary Energy Efficiency Certificates (EECs) registered in the APX North American Renewables Registry(TM) were registered by IBM Corporation.

        As part of IBM's ongoing efforts to reduce energy use and cost while improving service, and managing risk in their data centers, IBM recently completed the initial phase of a virtualization and server consolidation project to reduce energy use in its data center in Ontario, Canada. These actions resulted in registered energy efficiency savings of over 1000 megawatt hours annually. This is expected to increase to an estimated 2700 megawatt hours per year as the project continues in 2010. When complete, this IBM data center location will consume approximately 80 percent less energy to deliver the current workload that supports IBM operations in Canada.

        See fled91, can be done:

    • He will need someone to carry him soon with that fat gut he's packing

    • Too bad the CWA and Alliance hung the employees out to dry for the last 11 years, or IBM might have thought twice before they screwed yet another employee or hired yet another apologist to cheerlead on their behalf.

      You know, 75 years ago , a large portion of the world
      thought that people like Hitler and Moussolini had the
      right ideas , and a lot of people thought that the US
      had the right idea . which was right ??? the US and allies
      defeated the axis in WWII, but if you listen to people
      like yourself, the US isn't any good , so maybe we should
      have just rolled over 70 years ago ?????

    • hey, I just realized that I know you ...

      we worked in the same shop for years ....

      you thought that the world was passing you by , but
      really, you just didn't want to join, except to critisize
      anything you can't do ......

      too bad something like investing money is boring for you ...

    • As it should be. Life is Good

    • If work for fun is Lee Conrad, then do not take my comments about management personally. I would love to see a union of not only IBM technicians but global. Imagine if we had a sit-down strike, by that I mean one day wherein all the servers of the world are turned off for one hour. That would show power.

      Except in India of course, they would keep their servers on all of the time.

    • Browbeating and demeaning people? Oh, you must work for IBM management in Armonk. That is their methodology.

      Demeaning? Do you know how hard it is on the soul to see 20 plus years of work go down the drain, no, the IBM crap tank, just because some Indian can get wage 1/20 of yours? Not talent, not ability, not quality work. Nope, doesn't count for anything in Sam's IBM.

      Browbeating? Decimate whole departments for Indian replacements and sometimes a few knowledgable workers are actually left on the payroll now required to do the job of 20 people by themselves.

      This is a free board, we can comment whatever we want and the Alliance board is the same.

    • Your messages are not welcome on the Alliance site. You do not gain support by browbeating or demeaning people .

    • Just read your own post - the largest supercomputer is Cray's 37,000 processor machine. That's after IBM invested $1 billion dollars in Deep Blue. So what happened to Deep Blue? And what happened to ASCII Red, ASCII White and ASCII Blue? Billions upon billions sunk into failed high performance supercomputing projects.

      But they did win a chess match with the SP2 - a machine that was almost immediately discontinued as part of the failed RS6000 strategy which collapsed along with their UNIX business.

      And let's not forget the $800 million spent to acquire Sequent - another winning high performance computing strategy.

      That's why the stock has gone nowhere in 10 years.

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      • deep blue is in the same bucket as the PC junior .. there
        have been at least 6 generations after deep blue ...

        also , there is very little demand for these monstrous systems.

        why buy a BMW when a go kart will do ...

        IBM covers the spectrum, the work that they do on the
        supercomputers gives them the expertise to deliver great
        systems on the lower levels ... later ... garce

      • Ya have to watch what these guys say too ... a few years ago,
        there were new machines coming fast and furious,each
        week saw a new machine being fastest ..

        IBM had the #1 at one point with 144000 processors's
        called parallel processing and probably has about run it's
        gamut and new architecture will be here soon ..

        also , computer speed is a misleading spec ... pure speed
        isn't the only thing that figures into the "power" of
        a computer , just like car engines , one that turns
        5g's is fine for speed in a lightweight car, but won't
        do anything in a tractor and a huge diesel with a big
        bore and short stroke moves a 100 tons, but it's not
        the motor for a Vega .....

        to follow the parallel architecture means that in
        20 years, computers will have a million processors and
        will need to be in a special room with cooling costs,
        et. al ....

        IBM will be leading the way, as usual ....

    • Well let's go down that path of faster, smaller, more efficient shall we.

      Say IBM is successful.

      Cooler computers means less demand on energy and the related systems = Mass layoffs.

      Smaller computers means smaller data centers and less construction jobs needed = Mass layoffs

      Millions more get laid off adding to the millions of people that the best and the brightest are unwilling or unable to create jobs for today.

      IBM continues on it's cut and run path of not just laying off it's own USA workers, but to eliminate the jobs of just about every single worker in the USA.

      Then what?

      Oh yeah, I know, there will always be something new to take place of the old stuff right. It's always been that way....that is until it isn't anymore.

      Like housing always goes up too right? You can never go wrong with a real estate investment right? ha.

      HA, well you have over 20 million people that would like to see what that something is right now, today. Where is it?

      These too big to fail companies need to be broken up. It's to the point of creating a national security risk. Society needs to figure out what they are going to do with all the idle people from all this efficiency

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      • sounds to me like you have a tough time with mortal existence
        try lighting a candle or two

        of course more efficiency leads to layoffs and all that
        rot ..

        go read Huxley's Brave New World ..

        when I read it in English class , 40 yrs ago ... most
        everyone laughed at it like fiction that would never
        come to fruition ..

        we have gone through Huxley's threshhold , take a look
        around ... all we need is the mentality that people only
        need to work about 20 yrs and we only need about 30% of
        the population to work and have everything that we
        now have , but the price is choose your children from
        a test tube , coded to match your social position ..

        oooooppsss .. people are engineering their babies today ..
        somebody's sperm with somebody's egg , mix'em up and put'em
        in somebody for 9 months ... kind of amazing that nearly
        the entire world fought against Hitler and his Ayrian
        Society ... just what the hell are humans up to ????

      • Life is Good

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