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  • forjunk90 forjunk90 May 13, 2010 3:15 PM Flag

    IBM CEO Talking Out His Azz - Doubling profits by 2015 HA!

    i bought and held 5 years ago... i'm not complaining.

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    • sure and there's people that bought during the "trading glitch" too and made money.

      However it had little to nothing to do with IBM.

      High frequency trading bots that can drop the DOW over 1,000 points in the blink of an eye. Liquidity going to zero just like last Thursday.

      This stock is not immune. No stock is. Wall Street has become a casino with no social redeeming value - no stop loss order is going to protect you either.

      There's a lot of talking heads in the media that constantly tout that Wall Street ROI averages 10% over the long term - that you should buy and hold and not try to time the market because timing the market is for losers.

      Nevertheless IBM traded in the $130's in 2000-01 and is not any better today. Hell a 7% ROI you're suppose to double your money in ten years.

      You follow these stock analyst and CEO's advice, according to them IBM should be at $260. HA, that's not going to happen anytime soon. Not unless the cost of milk and bread goes to $30.00 and then what does it really mean?

      IBM is in it's final throes to steal a Dick Cheney expression. It's last heyday was the y-2-k scare and they will NEVER top that again. I don't care how many patents they claim or how many USA workers that they have left to terminate.

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