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  • esadmfs esadmfs Jul 6, 2010 11:36 PM Flag

    IBM's business model.

    IBM's business model. Buying out old companies and stripping them of there assets.

    It's kinda like the bums going into the foreclosed homes and stripping out the copper wiring and copper plumbing ya know? Ripping off the aluminum siding to sell and stuff.

    Or the guys out there sawing off catalytic converters from other peoples SUV's to get at the platinum and sell it at the scrap yard.

    Yeah... put a pin stripped suit on these guys and it's about the same dam thing.

    You're not creating anything new, just stripping out assets from old stuff lying around and calling it growth.

    Executive Parasites living off a taxpayer host

    What are you creating? What? This doesn't take a genius or a university degree to figure out.

    Seriously look at this :


    [...].. IBM continues to proceed with its strategy of accretive acquisitions that can be easily integrated into its current business. IBM plans to spend approximately $20.0 billion in acquisitions over the next 5 years.

    IBM acquired approximately 108 companies since 2000 for a total of about $22.0 billion, all of which have been profitable. The company made 26 strategic acquisitions to strengthen its portfolio. Since 2005, IBM has invested $10.0 billion, or $8.5 billion net, in 14 strategic acquisitions to build its business analytics capabilities. Since 2006, IBM has acquired 11 companies, including BigFix in the security related field.

    -----end clip---

    Oooo accretive (sic) - ohhhh strategic. not just plain acquisition mind you I'm so impressed aren't you?

    That sounds so valuable eh.

    I know, I know, All those big numbers look so impressive and you're all gonna be rich right?

    Why they're gonna spend another $20 billion dollars over the next five years doing the exact same thing it works so well.

    HA - that's what the investors thought back in 2000. We're gonna be rich. Here they all are ten years later after all these acquisitions... oops I mean strategic acquisitions and accretive (sic) acquisitions - and the $20 billion dollars spent and all the PR's touting success, profit, and growth and other virtuous things and what does the shareholders have to show for it


    Ten years ago IBM traded in the low 130's - 108 companies and $22 billion dollars later and you're at what? $120/share?

    What are you guys on - Kool aid?

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