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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Nov 8, 2011 7:47 AM Flag

    John Opel and PC Legacy? NOT

    Well you don't know your history very well at all. Try reading BIG BLUES for a starter course. IBM screwed up a ton of operating systems, anybody remember Series/1? Boca Raton is where Estridge built the successful 5150 system. Period.

    IBM is doing well for the shareholders, gotta admit that. Hey, that January 2012 salary cut will also be a big winner too. Too bad you may not work for IBM to be hit by it.

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    • the fact that a company can screw up as many times as IBM
      has , and yet they still have genned TRILLIONS of dollars
      of revenue over the years , is testament to strength ...

      again , IBM can well afford to use $1000 bills to light
      their cigars with ..

      i never said that they didn't screw up .. they sure have ..
      big time and will screw up more ..

      i can remember reading something from a SONY ceo .. discussing merits of failure ... saying that in any
      industry .. only about 1 in 20 projects succeeds .. the
      rest should be learning lessons ...

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