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  • ib_millionaire ib_millionaire Jan 6, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    What to do in 2012.

    Why I am watching CNBC and this guy trying to tell you how to rebalance your 401K this is your problem.
    How do I make money this year?
    Its a joke the real answer is how do I not lose money this year.
    My heros Harry Dent and Peter Schiff both agree this market is going down BIGTIME this year.
    Dent sees a 40 to 60% drop in the next 6 months.
    The only argument is Deflation or INflation.
    I agree with Harry - DEflation.
    Thats why all this FREE money isnt making a difference. The boomers arent spending anymore.
    Its a simple 40 year generational wave.
    And this isnt no regular wave this is a TSUNAMI.
    If he is right and hes been so far CASH is the place to be. Really FUKSup economist but that should not be your problem.
    So go a HEAD(favoriteword) and cheer on the markets - I dont THINK its going to help.
    You can do all the Keynesian policy tricks you want aint going to help.
    I was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the SUMMER and FALL economic cycles.
    No matter what you THINK!
    Off to the club - have a pleasant day!

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    • Hey this just your opinions or are we looking at a consensus view of the dipso geezer table at the 19th hole? You posted you got scared out at $170 and since then you've been trying to talk IBM down to where you fooked up.

      BTW - Peter Schiff got gold right but he missed the last 5000 pt gain on the DOW.

    • Harry Dent is correct that Baby Boomers are spending less. However, they are no longer the driving force of our consumer economy. What he fails to mention is the fact that huge money is coming from India, China and the Middle East. A wealthy gentlemen in our community just bought ten house and they are vacant. His kids spend some time during the summer months there. The old Baby Boomer theory is done! New money coming in every day!

      Those men you mention are way too negative. IBM will continue to grow. Wake me in 2015!

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