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    IBM is sending jobs overseas VERY FAST

    With each of the successive layoffs and firings, the work goes to Brazil, Argentina, mexico or India. Its not the IBM it was 10 years ago when loyalty to the workforce was more imoportant than executive bonuses. The company has been overtaken by greedy people who care about nothing other than themselves.

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    • You jerks don't get it!
      Those who control the money, take the money!
      You sniveling little ingrate! While you and your families worry about day to day existence, putting food on the table, a roof over your heads. I have to worry about the life style of my family, my families’ families and many more generations to come! I have more houses than you have cars! I seldom put my hands in my pockets. The company owes me! Long after I am gone from this company, I will be taking from the bottom line! You small minded people do you realise money does not grow on trees. We must take from your pathetic existence. The food from your tables, the roofs over your heads!
      How can I do this you ask?
      I am EXECUTIVE!

    • Is this true???
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    • AND ... you did not mention that IBM is the only US company
      doing this .....

      what a maroon ...

      it's all about business .. if the US corps were not playing
      ball , then we wouldn't have millions of jobs in the
      US thanks to foreign companies who have built mfg plants
      here .. and have sales offices in the US ..

      FREE TRADE BABY ....

      your local college probably has some business courses
      that you can take learn what 's going on .. instead of
      crying in your cups ...

    • I'm sure that you, being selfless and truly concerned about American jobs, only buys from American companies selling American made products.
      Yeah, I didn't think so.

    • Go Blue!!

    • "IBM is sending jobs overseas VERY FAST". Not fast enough. I need this stock to go to 210. Then I will lay you off and outsource your job. I need the money.

    • Ok - let's be honest here. IBM is hiring workers "offshore" for 2 specific reasons.

      1 - Most of IBM's business growth is coming from those offshore locations. In these developing markets, it makes sense to hire talent that is local and has a better understanding of local culture and customs. It also helps IBM charge competitive rates for the business they do in foreign countries - something they could not do with higher priced US talent.

      2 - Their US clients are asking for cheaper IT labor. US IT Labor is 3-to-8 times more expensive than offshore labor. (Same reason why Apple builds the iPad overseas.) What this really means is that these US clients are drinking the kool-aid that IBM is giving them. But it is about the almighty dollar - something US clients are hoarding these days - or at least only giving out to their top management. The problem with this strategy is that these clients tend to get exactly what they pay for - low-quality help. This trend will turn around when the economy picks up and corporations decide to start spending their money to get higher quality talent - and higher quality results, faster.

      Another fact - the latest IBM layoff represents less than 2% of their US workforce. Yes, over the past 14 years, 30,000 US employees have either been laid off, retired or left on their own. But that's an average of 3000 jobs per year. IBM employs an estimated 95,000 US employees which still classifies them as a major US employer.

      Still as someone with a "vested interest", I hate the layoffs.

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      • Hard to hate the layoffs and love the profits. As for lower payroll costs always meaning lower quality, that depends on IBM ability to locate, train and manage talent, be it in India or Indiana. I have confidence in IBM to do just that. There is a awful lot of talented, well-trained and motivated folks in India, China, etc. If you lament that they not American you do not have an investor problem, you have a xenophobic problem

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