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  • casbah45 casbah45 Jul 26, 2012 5:52 PM Flag

    IBM must acquire both AKAM & RIMM, big blue will fly

    not even AAPL will be able to stay in competition with big blue, Two huge markets for IBM. CEO of big blue will be the hero in these two deals, if she can pull them. Go IBM.

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    • You are so full of it. IBM stock will stay in this range of $5-$10 like MSFT in $4 range sinc the past 5 years, if it does not move to compete with AAPL. AAPL is eating every one lunch, people are just so infatuated with AAPL prodcuts, notto mention the mass media that are totally biased toward AAPL. Any andoriod phone is better than AAPL phone, but folks are just not willing even to look at other phones because folks think AAPL becomes symbol status. AAPL had a great marketing strategy in going after the children of the family, then the children brought on the parents into aapl products. So IBM can revive a great products in RIMM, and beside big blue has the right managment to make so much cash from this chance of acquiring RIMM. Hand Held Devices where every thing is going. do not forget RIMM has the best secure phone in all of the phones. and huge customer base over seas GO Big Blue.

    • IBM will never get in the device business. They got out of it for a good reason, they do not know how to be profitable in the high volume stuff. They proved that with PC's and ThinkPads. They don't want to manufacture anything but cash.

    • You are irrelevant too.

      So there.

    • "Yield, you have no idea who I am but I will grant that IBM has some nifty small tricks in it's bag."

      No thanks -- no form of "grant" is necessary as the facts speak for themselves. You're a bystander and irrelevant.

      Would it make a difference if I had some idea of who you are? What you write also speaks for itself. I've got your number buddy.

    • Yield, you have no idea who I am but I will grant that IBM has some nifty small tricks in it's bag.

      That being said, IBM used to move into a market segment to dominate it and crush the competition asap, though that practice goes back a long time.

      So why have they NOT entered the hand-held market for, oh, 10 or more years? Maybe they see that it is NOT what IBM specializes in, which is big data and data centers (ooops, forgot about Texas there.)

      Besides, RIMM is a dead company anyway, Blackberry had it's day in the sun and it is now dead. Or soon to be. If you are a true believer in IBM, I would rather think that IBM can do better in hand-held than buy a comatose technology.

    • IBM has got to make its move, you would not want to be like MSFT as it has not moved for the past 5 years.

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