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  • approval_myass approval_myass Dec 5, 2012 3:27 PM Flag

    Obama: The Dark Side of Special Dividends

    restoring sanity to the tax code during times of extreme deficits is NOT punishing capitalism, but perhaps rescuing it. You clowns scream about deficits and how they demean the value of the dollar,
    and so now the president steps up and asks the very richest to pay their fair share, and he's branded a socialist. Laughable. The election is OVER, the majority has spoken, and fortunately, the sane have prevailed

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    • Investment capital is stampeding offshore and into gold and treasuries at an unprecedented rate of speed. Capital Investment in the U.S. is currently at a 50-year low this year and the labor-participation rate hit an all-time low in September.

      These are ALL symptoms of insipient socialism, wealth re-distribution, and a President bent on punishing success and investment capital until it picks up and LEAVES.

      EVERY TIME a country has done this over the past 75 years, it's citizens have virtually ALL been worse off for it in the 1 or 2 decades that followed. EVERY SINGLE TIME!! We used to think this kind of socialist push could never happen in America...

      ... yet here we are... implementing our grandparents' worst nightmare.


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