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  • medchemlead medchemlead Jun 16, 2013 11:47 PM Flag

    IBM Job Cuts so far:

    IBM Job Cuts so far, with more coming (as reported by Alliance at IBM):

    STG Storage Systems Development: 121
    STG lab Services and Tech Training: 52
    STG Test Site Design: 59
    STG SSE Intellectual Property: 64
    BT/IT CIO Enterprise Transformation: 4
    Corporate Marketing and Communication: 83
    Software Group tivoli: 98
    Software group WW Services and Education: 22
    STG Semiconductor Research and Dev: 165
    SO Delivery Integrated Competencies: 46
    GPS Solutions and Delivery: 116
    Software Group Marketing: 222
    Research: 65
    GBS AMS IBM Global Account: 123
    STG Operations and Transformation: 34
    Software Group NA Software Sales: 63
    SO sectors (GSSR): 31
    Software Group Information Management: 137
    Software group Industry Solutions: 126
    STG High Speed links, Cores and Memory: 67
    SO Delivery HQ Cloud Development and Delivery: 40
    GBS AMS Commercial Delivery: 27
    STG Power Software Development: 64
    GBS PS BusinessAnalytics: 39
    STG Pureflex & System X Software Development: 32
    STG Advanced Microelectronics Solutions: 114
    STG Worldwide Client Care: 30
    STG IBM I Development: 60
    TG System Z Software Development: 45
    Software Group Security: 22
    STG ISV Global Support: 35
    IBM S&D Communications Sector: 3
    Software Group Rational: 59
    ISC Sales Transaction Support OIST: 70
    STG Systems Technology Development: 24
    SWG Application and Integration Middleware: 86
    STG Systems Solutions Dev: 56
    GBS CS Industrial Sector: 32
    STG Electronic Design Automation: 106
    STG Competitive lab and Technical Sales Centers: 35
    Software Group Collaboration: 115
    Total cut so far: 2792

    Looks like lots of technology and software research and development staff have been cut; not top and mid-echelons of business strategy folks, where the roots of the company's problems lie . Where is future innovation and cutting edge technology for Big Blue going to come from if the innovators and product development teams are being cut, who will then end up at competitor firms?

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