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  • magiv_hegyoni magiv_hegyoni Jul 16, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    IBM will publish really ugly results!!!

    I would not hold it before earning
    I have buy order at 165

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    • Today, after earnings report stock will go down, either because of poor results or because the good results have already been discounted in stock price. Its tomorrow when the results are analyzed in detail that the stock price will be an indication on how the new CEO is dooing

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I wish I could so sure of earning reports. (At $165, I suspect that buy order will be sitting there for quite a while)

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I think that this will rocket higher after earnings, the sentiment is just too negative and the stock too cheap relative to ACN, CTSH. I am long calls

    • magiv.....magiv........ please get a hold of yourself..... We are here ROFLOFA'sO..

    • lol...2nd Quarter is always very good. But if you are so confident, why don't you short the stock!

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      • c'mon ... Q2 has been weakest quarter for over 30 years .... follow stocks very much ???
        Q4, Q3, Q1, Q2 in descending order ...
        everyone is aware of the slippery stones in the creek .. this time around guidance will be key ...
        cost cutting from recent layoff 'round will show up as a liability this quarter and positive effects won't be seen for 2 more quarters ....
        keep dreaming , though , if you really want to see that 165 .... more than likely , bad news is already
        baked in ... g

      • i never short
        I buy some put before earning
        I know what I will lose if I do
        but my feeling is that governments cut and USA Europe latin america will effect IBM results

      • Specking of good IBM Q2's -- the best in the last 5 years was Q2 2009 -- a Goldman analyst also downgraded IBM about 10 days before the earnings date. It won't be as good but if it's over the $3.77 boggy by $.05 to $3.82 it will make up for the $.05 shortfall in Q1. I believe IBM will come in better than $3.82 due to Q! rollover:

        "News release

        ARMONK, NY - 16 Jul 2009:
        Diluted earnings of $2.32 per share, up 18 percent;
        Raises full-year 2009 EPS expectations to at least $9.70 from $9.20;
        Free cash flow of $3.4 billion; cash balance of $12.5 billion;
        Net income of $3.1 billion, up 12 percent; net margin of 13.3 percent, up 3.0 points;
        Pre-tax income margin of 18.3 percent, up 4.1 points; largest increase in more than 3 years;
        Gross profit margin of 45.5 percent, up 2.3 points; up 19 of last 20 quarters;
        Revenue of $23.3 billion, down 13 percent, or 7 percent adjusting for currency;
        Software pre-tax margin up 8.3 points; income up 24 percent;
        Full-year 2009 Software pre-tax income expected to grow at double-digit rate and reach $8 billion;
        Services pre-tax margin up 4.1 points; income up 23 percent;
        Services signings up 3 percent; strategic outsourcing signings up 38 percent, both adjusting for currency;
        17 services deals greater than $100 million;
        Public sector revenue up 7 percent, adjusting for currency."

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