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  • louscashcow louscashcow Sep 6, 2013 10:03 PM Flag

    Age Discrimination....BUSTED!

    Everyone knew, here is the proof.

    About six weeks after eliminating 419 jobs at its Essex Junction site, IBM is hiring.
    IBM’s advertisement for entry-level development engineers in Albany, N.Y., Essex Junction and Hopewell Junction, N.Y., posted on Aug. 30, included the following requirement: “All applicants must have graduation dates of January 2010 or later.”

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    • Blacks and GL's are the only protected classes

    • The young people at IBM look upon their gray haired co workers with great disdain. They do not seek input or advice from the senior workers. It is an environment that is firmly established by the senior managers who have tacitly approved by continually taking things away, forcing senior employees out of the business and leading by a very poor example. It is a despicable way to run a business that will only result in no loyalty by the employees with a steady, but sure decline in products and services.

    • For the past 20 year's IBM has been 55 and out regardless of how many years you have worked there

    • thanks for the laugh ... do you really think that IBM would post such a thing without having their lawyers making
      sure that it's okay ??? they are hiring for a specific project and will only accept those people with most up to
      date education ... it has nothing to do with age .... as long as other parts of the company are hiring engineers
      graduated prior to 2010 , they will be okay... IBM is large enough that they can hire some grads from 1965
      to just come in and read newspapers all day , at some other location ... g

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      • They F'd it up; that is why they removed it. YOU must have been an IBM Manager; labotomized.

      • Published: 1:45 PM - 09/07/13
        Last updated: 1:49 PM - 09/07/13

        ESSEX JUNCTION, Vt. — IBM says it has taken down a job posting for Hopewell Junction and other locations that raised questions about age discrimination about six weeks after it laid off hundreds of employees at several locations.

        The advertisement was for entry-level development engineers in Hopewell Junction, Albany and Essex Junction and required that "all applicants must have graduation dates of January 2010 or later."

        IBM Spokesman Doug Shelton said Friday that the posting was a thoughtless mistake.

        He said it would be pulled down and replaced.

      • They pulled the ad and apologized so you tell me. They are clearly anti old people as evidenced by their actions on the medical benefits for retirees today. Defending IBM's unethical treatment of the employees who built the company is just lame. No one is saying they should not make money but at what point do they take a look at what they are doing to make that money? The Employees who made the company what it is are taking the brunt of the inalienability of the current management to increase or even maintain revenue.

      • iamgarce, you may have something here? There is no more age discrimination. It is called let go because the worker did not have 'Most up to date education'. I like it!

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