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  • always_awake always_awake Sep 11, 2013 12:29 PM Flag

    what happened???


    Gerstner made it crystal clear that mobile wireless was the next great opportunity. That was in 1998. Palmisano ignored the opportunity for a decade and now IBM has no presence in the only growth market left (for now). Add it to the long list that begins with missing the entire internet transition in 1995 then internet search, cloud computing, voice over TCP/IP, supercomputing on GPU clusters, etc. They even bet on SNA over TCP/IP. But all that happened in a strong economy, All ships rise with the tide. Now the tide is washing out and the blue pig is sinking.

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    • You sir are an idiot. Exactly why would IBM choose to get into this extremely competitive business with low margins for many products when instead they can choose to provide the backbone software, hardware, data storage, etc. that the successful companies in these markets will need as they grow. Sure it ain't pretty and glitzy like you think it should be, but it still makes tons of money and a lot of sense.

      Unlike your post.

    • decades ago , IBM actually made some solid state watches .. it was determined that IBM did not want to
      pursue that market , IBM never made a step to get into hand held calculators either .... there are many
      markets that IBM decided not to pursue ... doesn't seem like they missed anything ... as for mobile wireless ,
      i would have to guess that IBM didn't see the opporuntity to hold signigifigant proprietary elements to be
      able leverage the mobile market , but in the meantime , during those 10 years , IBM has over A TRILLION $$$$
      of revenue about 40% of which made it's way to the bottom line .... Since 1995 IBM has bought back
      about 200 billion $$ of shares and paid out billions in dividends , while continueing to invest 7 billion/ yr
      in R&D ..

      my question to you sir .... are you making a point with this post ???? ...garce

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