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  • bjspokanimal bjspokanimal Sep 18, 2013 5:28 PM Flag

    Obama Won't Negotiate with Republicans

    Ronald Reagan compromised with Tip O'Neil and enacted tax reform.

    Bill Clinton compromised with Newt Gingrich & Bob Dole and balanced the budget.

    Even George W. Bush compromised with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid well before the financial crisis forced any bi-partisan cooperation.

    Barack Obama stands alone as the only president in modern history that is so unwilling to negotiate and compromise that he is willing to shut down the entire government to get his way....

    .... and ONLY his way.

    That's not leadership. That's a HUGE mistake that we, the people made last November when we rejected Mitt Romney, who built his entire reputation on negotiating and compromising with his political opponents.


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    • Can't quite get over it yet huh?
      "We, the people" do not make mistakes. We make choices.

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      • Yes, and the "choice" of the 45% of americans that don't pay any federal income taxes is, in the aggregate, a different choice than the 5% of americans who shoulder almost 60% of US federal income taxes.

        The result: Ex-patriations and the use of un-productive tax shelters has never been greater, and because of that, "capital deployment" into capital expenditures earmarked for "new businesses or construction" are a a multi-year low, and the people who are unemployed as a result of such dire capital deployment in america are the primary reason why the US "labor participation" rate is the lowest it's been since 1978.

        Hope that helps you to understand the ramifications of the "choices that we've made".


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