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  • justbeingcareful justbeingcareful Dec 20, 2013 12:54 AM Flag

    Still no answer???????????????


    Still no answer to my original question: "Can anyone name a single product segment where IBM is the industry leader?" Maybe I should rephrase the question. What product can I buy from IBM that is the undisputed leader in its segment?

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    • that'S a joke. Right. Spend some of your time reading IBM news. How 's that short position doing for you ?

    • what difference does that make ??? IBM prints money faster than God .. it's been that way for over 1/2 a
      century ... back in the heyday of mainframes .. IBM was far from the fastest or the best , but their
      unparallel service alowed them beat the pants off of everybody ..
      you don't need the best mousetrap to catch the most mice ....
      not to worry .. IBM has baffled the pros for decades , which is why there is so much hate for IBM .. every time
      the analysts come out with some sort of doom and gloom story , IBM wallops the world ...
      NOW .. your 2 posts come across as being completely negative . .to what end ? Do you want to see
      IBM founder ? are you perpetually short IBM ? If you cannot figure out why a company has made trillions
      in revenue and hundreds of billions in profits over the years , then maybe the stock market is not
      your cup of tea .... garce ...
      PS ... don't come back here and cry next year , after IBM crosses 250 and how you didn't make
      any money on it , because YOU can't figure out what product they lead the pack in .....

    • enterprise computing, super-computing and business analytics. Next?

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