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  • pixels211 Feb 25, 2014 11:44 AM Flag

    Economists are flat out wishing for economic recovery that wont happen anytime soon.

    Eventually everyone will realize that there was no real economic recovery and the markets will tank. Good luck on the wishful thinking. LMAOF...

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    • it's already happened , they just don't realize that their "new reality" means new everything , including
      economic growth ... get used to sub 3% growth

    • Guess it depends on which side of the planet you're on. Thing are booming here in H town.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Pix. Are you saying that 45 million people on food stamps isn't an economic recovery sign? What about the next leg down in real estate as millions of shadow inventory works it's way into the 'for sale' category, won't that help, ooops. How about the real unemployment rate somewhere around 20% if using the same methods of decades ago instead of just counting 'unemployment checks' which when they run out means, the still unemployed don't get counted. How about the additional 6 million or so who couldn't find a job and went on long term disability, isn't that a sign of economic recovery? How about energy use stats showing some significant declines since people without jobs don't drive or spend? How about usdebtclock(dot)org showing interest payments are within about 10% of tax revenue income and a little tick up in interest rates puts the country underwater for good, that's a good sign right? How about wal st. existing on free money for tbtf banks that are technically bankrupt, isn't that some economic recovery? How about the morally criminal fed-reserve creating e-money to buy bonds to keep interest rates down to afford the growing debt in the worlds biggest ponzi scheme, isn't that a recovery, man what will it take to convince you? What about starting wwIII that might get the economy Glowing, so to speak, the desperate acts of desperate leaders are what appears to lay ahead.

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      • pure genius. everything gets built and suddenly you figure that we need to keep on building? $14T in circulation getting ripped out and ripped off by thieving wallstreet profiteerings, the cash flow draining back to the fed, and you figure the replacement money was supposed to come from somewhere OTHER THAN ANOTHER WAR PRECIPITATED BY AN ATTACK ON THE TWIN TOWERS? hello.

      • Pix. Are you saying that 45 million people on food stamps isn't an economic recovery sign?
        Actually it is a recovery sign .. sounds to me like you expect the recovery to be classic capitalistic
        type , but we now well on our way to the socialist model .. Obama has made great strides
        here ..... Take a read online about Hassidic movements in the US ... this is a terrorist group that
        aims to break the economic back of the US ..... and nobody seems to care .... when they
        break the medicare/welfare bank of NYS people may wakeup , but that will be too late .. .g

      • rip -- ripster -- ripraptor -- rip-a-reino -- rip-o-rama -- riptoff

        Dude -- try shorter posts.

        Few will get past the first couple of sentences.

        Also, try a little harder to put together more informative and entertaining posts.

        Your stuff is almost robotic and your language sucks.

        Your messages are lost in a sea of negative rhetoric.

        A friend...

    • you are lacking some pixels. You can increase your resolution if you reduce your lens opening.

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