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  • onyxcocktail onyxcocktail Aug 1, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    What is the Definition of a "WORLD RECESSION is NEXT" !!!

    it's that the U.S. job growth cools, unemployment rate rises to 6.2 percent

    War in Israel....Russia sanctions.....China bubble.....and US Fed's bubble....and US Debt moving up by september.....

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Collapsing economy in japan, civil war in Syria, civil war in Iraq, Taliban return to Afghanistan, Iran goes nuclear, US tapering off the stimulus, lowest workforce participation in history, France bankrupt, Spain bankrupt, Italy bankrupt, Argentina bankrupt, $17.5 trillion debt, $5 trillion on the Fed's balance sheet, collapse of high yield bond market, stock market correcting, and about 50 more...

    • tabloid investing .. or religiously believing every headline , back in the day , people used to sneak a peak at
      the supermarket tabloids, now it's equities ... treated like sport and approached like rotisserie football ...
      lottery mentality is also rife .... g

    • Agree and also IBM's financial engineering game is over. Buying stock and decreasing investment will only lead to a stock crash since you can't do this forever! Sales are way down, only buying stock and cutting investment has propped up this elephant. It's going down hard on this financial engineering ponzi they've done for the past five years!

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