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  • devangsheth devangsheth Dec 16, 1997 8:41 PM Flag

    BIG BLUE: good stock for short

    IBM:Last quarter revenues
    USA : 8B ( up 8.4%)
    Asia: 3.8B ( up 7.4%) Excluding currency it grew 15%
    Europe: 5.2B ( down 6.3%)
    Latin: 0.891B ( up 9.8%)
    Canada: .752B ( down 5.5%)

    They gonna suck big time on their asian revenue. Remember
    those ad. they were showing about asian people in their language.
    Have you seen any those ad. lately. Ofcourse not, because they
    don't want to remind you about asian crisis.

    They are big in storage too(hard disk and tape drive) which we
    know will suck. They are in S-RAM, DRAM, and chip business.
    DRAM is bad as we know, and SRAM and other chip has bad future
    from Mr. Kurlak.

    AS400 and RS600 are doing bad and not gonna contribute any good.
    Remember oracle!!

    PC revenue is not good as others taking market share.

    Only strong portion here is service revenue and their role in
    year 2000. I don't have any expertise to predict the strength
    of that revenue.

    Last quarter earning was very tight to the wall street expectation. It should be very difficult to meet the
    expectation in current situation.

    I think it is a very good candidate for short sell.

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