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  • FULUCENT97 FULUCENT97 Dec 27, 1997 7:46 PM Flag

    From the NY Times, 12/29/97


    To Louis V. Gerstner Jr., the chairman of I.B.M. After a Fortune
    magazine cover article praised the job he had done in turning around I.B.M., but called him arrogant and aggressive in seeking stock options for himself, I.B.M. stopped advertising in the magazine and its officials stopped talking to
    FORTUNE reporters.>>

    Source: The NY Times, 12/29/97

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    • For those of you who don't already know him, let me introduce
      Fulucent/HappyDazed/Fujiwashere/junkequipment...and many other
      names. He's a fired Lucent employee who loves to be contrary.
      (No, that doesn't mean that he's a Contrarian means
      that he pipes up with illogical "analysis" that tries to prove
      his negativism and ignores thoughtful, insightful observations
      that could probably make him some money, if he'd only listen...)

      In fact, if my observations of his comments have been accurate,
      his predictions are a very good contra-indication. Buy what he
      says to sell, sell what he says to buy...and I don't think you'll
      go wrong.

      Just my observations over the past 3 months or so...

      NJFred (Yes, Fulucent, I'm a holder of IBM shares...)

      • 1 Reply to njfred
      • Welcome back NJFred. So far you haven't said anything semi-intelligent. At the rate your'e going, the NY Times may give you an award too. Just like Gerstner. {I don't think I have seen the interview/article the Times is referring to. Have you?}

        You keep distorting the facts and I warned you once before. Pls do not change what I say. You keep misquoting me on the
        other boards. Stick to the facts. I personally do not have a problem with someone expressing opposing views to what I say. I don't
        know about you, but I find those thoughts somewhat enlightening. Of course, in your case, they are all personal without any
        reliable source or foundation which in a way makes them funny. It must be a divine power handing you all this information.In fact,
        your thought process is consistent with that of your Governor, Christie Witman. According to the Times, she prosposed investing
        $2.00 billion in the market to elliminate the deficit since she is convinced the market will keep going up for the next few years
        at the rate it has been during the last couple of years. Like I said, exactly what you think.

        Let's see what the day brings you, Monday morning, 9:30am sharp.
        No crying allowed.

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