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  • stockoholic stockoholic Dec 29, 1997 7:17 PM Flag

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    • LoseMo'money:

      I'm really glad that you can see the potential for IBM from the
      inside. I work for AT&T and all the employees on our board are
      very negative towards T. I believe that it's time for them to
      move on, if they can't see the huge potential for us in the new
      telecom world...But, that's for the other board.

      I agree with you that IBM is a long-term buy, and that I believe
      that it will appreciate by greater than 10% next year. I just
      think that it is unreasonable for me to expect my entire port-
      folio to increase more than 10% next year. I'm a long-term
      investor, not a market timer or speculator. And I've been very
      fortunate that over the last 3 years, AT&T, Lucent, IBM, Mondavi,
      Merck, and DEC have done really well for me. I would be happy
      if they all took a breath and consolidated recent gains for a
      while, since I believe that the market as a whole is a little

      As for OS2, I'm glad that IBM is making some hard decisions to
      move away from non-winners. There is probably so much potential
      for additional cost savings and for re-investment of funds within
      IBM, just like there is within AT&T. In the past, I believe that
      AT&T (and IBM) hasn't had the courage to make those hard
      decisions. Now, the obvious strategic moves have been made and
      executives are looking deeper for opportunities for improvement.
      THAT'S GOOD...And it'll drive IBM and T much higher in the
      immediate term...

      Have a great day, LoseMoMoney...


    • Once again it appears as though 105 is some magical level. I believe if this level gets broken it will hit 110 quickly. It seems to me this is about the 4th trading day out of 6 that we get this close and then boom we lose steam.

      By the way 10 gig is alot of storage. Its nice to know that all of my life events could fit on a single little wafer chip. Makes me feel as insignificant as I truly am. hehe

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