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  • Luncy Luncy Jan 20, 1998 11:13 AM Flag

    Proposed per min chg by local tel co.s'

    Local telephones filed a proposal with the FCC to impose per min charges for your Internet service. Every phone company is in on this one, trying to sneak it in just under the wire for litigation.
    FCC has created an e-mail box for your comments, responses must be received by Feb 13 98.
    Send your comments to

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    • Comments should be sent via E mail box at FCC
      Comments due by Feb 13

      • 2 Replies to Luncy
      • I went to the web site of the FCC and found that Luncy has
        fallen prey to a chainmail gimmick.

        Next time do some research before you post. If it sounds really
        terrible it is probably a chainmail gimmick to see how many people are fooled. Wonder if you also were fooled about the virus in the
        e-mail gimmick.

        Sorry for being rude but at least give us an official web site where you saw this rather than someone else's hearsay. By the way the actual place to send mail to the FCC is below.

        Here is the FCC's report found at the second site at top
        of this letter:(Pay particular close attention Luncy to
        the second paragraph's "Please Note:" statement.
        In December 1996, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requested Public comment on issues relating to the charges that Internet Service Providers(ISPs) and similar companies pay to local telephone companies. On May 7, 1997, the FCC decided to leave the existing rate structure in place. In other words, the
        FCC decided not to allow local telephone companies to impose per-minute access charged on ISPs.

        Please Note: There is no open comment period in this proceeding. If you have recently seen a message on the Internet stating that in response to a request from local telephone companies, the FCC is requesting comments to <> by February 1998, be
        aware that this information is inaccurate.

        The FCC issued an unrelated public notice, DA 98-2, on January 5, 1998 in connection with a report to Congress on universal
        service. Pursuant to the FCC's1998 appropriations legislation, the Commission must submit a report by April 10, 1998 on several issues including the legal status of Internet services under the Telecommunications Act of 1996. Comments in response to the
        public notice are due January 20, 1998, and reply comments are due February 2, 1998. Informal comments may be sent by email
        to <>.


    • Whew time to go to bed. I read your prior post looked at 59 1/2 and 60 and said to myself, okay so it was 211 fully diluted but to drop to 60. I almost had a heart ache.

    • Sorry fellows I placed message #261 by mistake on the IBM board.
      There were some questions raised about the after houre trades on CPQ and this was misplaced here.

    • What does these trades mean to you. Please post your comments.

      16:01+ 60+ 42,500+ NYS
      16:02+ 60+ 10,000+ NYS
      16:02+ 60+ 5,000+ NYS
      16:02+ 60+ 57,000+ NYS
      16:02+ 59 3/4+ 80,000+ PSE
      16:05+ 60+ 57,600+ NYS
      16:06+ 60+ 10,000+ PSE
      16:08+ 60+ 5,000+ CIN
      17:01+ 60+ 105,000+ NYS
      17:01+ 59 1/2 1,500+ NAS /This was the last trade

      There were more trades under 5,000 also, which I did not bother to list.

    • Analyst who lowered est. earnings for 1998 for MSFT, DELL, and
      CPQ was Merrill Lynch analyst Lucy Painter. She is
      Persona-non-grata on the CPQ message board. Ruined the whole
      day for CPQ.

    • Well, might as well post even though things don't look so good. I had a chance to catch CNBC after work today and it appears from there comments IBM will open around 102 tomorrow. There is much confusion around IBM's numbers and what the interim CFO said for next years predictions.

      Its worth the time for everyone to research this.

      Anyways, As I posted before IBM would do excellent up until it announced its results. But like a fool I held my IBM instead of selling at 3:59 like i planned. Oh well, win some lose some

      Based off what I heard IBM still plans on having a good 98, 1st quarter is to be planned to be a little 10 cents to 15 cents below expectations accordiong to the CFO.

      If we could only start selling some hardware........

      Anyways, as for CPQ you may want to check out the predictions made by the analysts today. PC sales are expected to be weaker than thought. Interesting though she didn't downgrade the stocks just said they would make less money ????? Her
      target price for CPQ is still 100 a share. Wish I could remember the name but I can't.

    • I don't have any IBM stocks. As reading your message board I also became concerned regarding the IBM after houre stock price dropping as much as 6 or 2 doallers. However, the latest trades seems to be as follows:

      16:02 107 11/16 300 NAS
      16:02 107 1/2 3000 CIN
      16:07 107 3/4 100 CSE
      16:07 108 100 CSE
      17:14 108 3/8 100 NAS
      17:14 108 3/8 100 NAS
      17:15 108 3/8 100 NAS

      I have a lot of CPQ and IOM. CPQ earning will be announced tomorrow morning and IOM on January 28th. I hope and beleive that they will announce very good 4Q earnings.

    • The info came up from target=new >

      ...needs to have account.
      You better sue yourself.

    • I'm still in the office...So what were the quoted "whisper

      I hold Merck (+$5), Lucent (+$5), and DEC (+$1.75) so I was a
      very happy camper with IBM being up also today. I was hoping
      that it would carry over into tomorrow, since I have a century
      mark in sight for my whole portfolio... :-)

      (Those damn whispers! ;-)


    • I believe that the FCC address is a e-mail address, NOT a web
      site URL. I think that you need to take the http:// off the
      front of the address, and e-mail comments to that address.
      For Example:

147.07-3.40(-2.26%)Apr 28 4:00 PMEDT