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  • TradnWizard TradnWizard Oct 21, 1998 1:27 PM Flag

    CFO even stated

    growth would slow, and this was unheeded? What
    gives? Watch your backs shareholders. We could be in for
    a rough Q.

    Personally, I think we are
    headed for a recession, and the feds can do nothing
    about it. Its too late.

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    • Good post. Thanks for the information.

    • IBM is a conglameratation of companies, hardware
      like Mainframes is growing (I work with a very large
      bank and it would be 20 years before they give-up
      invetment in the new ones are have great
      speed and we serving, unix is loosing the lower part of
      the market but larger servers and apps like data
      mining and enterprise planning run on unix or AS/400 or
      mainframe..NT will continue to grow, very fast in small co and
      departments but not ready for prime time for years to handle
      large workloads, etc. its kind of funny but a system
      called AS/400 from IBM today has a market share of 15B a
      year and its not even unix.. IBM MAKES 80b/YR BECAUSE
      i KNOW DID A GREAT JOB OF THAT. Srervices in IBM is
      becoming huge over 30% and will be 50% soon, its very
      stable and growing at 20% a year this alone will have
      IBM growing pretty has grown by 5%
      (IBM is #2 co in softwar eafter MS) so IBM is not
      exciting like MS today, but MS is only 15B in sales ,
      let's see if they can do well over an 80 yr period and
      continue to grow.....

    • because I am a psychologist and your comment
      about people who swear is total bullshit. It's just the
      opposit of what you say...those who don't swear are
      empty-headed morons. They invariably cannot face reality...for
      example the reality that IBM is a large blue buzzard that
      has eaten too many dollars too fast and needs to
      deflate in a giagantic LARGE BLUE FART.

    • ebyr,do you address your mother, wife and
      daughter with the same words that you just used in your
      previous post? You must treat the people in your family
      like dirt! Apparently people like you have no respect
      for the other peoples mothers, wives or daughters who
      uses this Bulletin Board to check out news or
      viewpoints on IBM. Ebyr, clean up your act and have some
      respect for the English language and for other people who
      use this BB who have some sense of morality. By the
      way, Phychologists have concluded that people like you
      who use crude language usually have a low I.Q. and
      that is self-evident from your last post!

    • U will not find a single living person to belive
      in such
      a shit. but i could tell u again you are
      a lier.
      people with a such a wealth do not


    • Are you suggesting that all mainframes will
      disappear soon? UNISYS isn't even in the top 10 names most
      people would mention in conjunction with UNIX. Did you
      know that IBM doubled the number of mainframe MIPs
      shipped in 3Q98 from 3Q97? Would you care to offer any
      facts to support your assertion? TIA, Scott

    • How do they compare with the competition? If you look at leading technology in the NT area Unisys is the leader. Unix will not survive much longer.

    • You need a name change should call
      yourself NOTVEST or Dumbvest. You don't have a clue what
      you're talking about. You talk about needing a brain
      transplant to people on this thread when it's very obvious

      You're comparing apples and oranges...know your
      industry, before you open your mouth and show your
      ignorance. I don't even know why anyone should try to
      straighten you out because it's obvious from your pathetic
      posts that you've got your head stuck so far up the
      BULL's ASS that you can't see anything other than than
      the inside of the bull's just shut up and
      go away you little whining loser!! Put your posts on
      DR FOOLs thread!

    • Your idea about Ford and IBM is not totally
      accurate... reveue size is critical to generate profits but
      my's the profits and potential that
      people are willing to pay more for ..Despite size of
      Ford or GM or Exxon they dont generally generate more
      profit that 1/2 of their size (IBM) which generated over
      6 B last year (EPS ... earnings vs sales)...and
      just look at Microsoft with revenues of 15 B but
      market capitalization of over 260B...its profit and
      growth my friend....Ford aint gonna increase market
      shere much and the market for cars doens grew much
      faster than pupulation..that's not true for

      Don't underestimate IBM..its not your old Co. anymore..
      more than half are new hires since 1990 and their
      mainframes today are differnt animals (an example they run
      Unix natively).. they are hot cakes they can't satisfy
      demand 4thQ...look closer before you generalize

    • HOTVEST01, for you information when a stock
      splits, there is no stock dilution. When IBM split 2 to 1
      in May, 1997, the value of one IBM share before the
      split was exactly the same value as two IBM shares
      immediately after the split. Instead of stock dilution as you
      maintain, each of the IBM split shares has appreciated
      enormously since IBM split in May 1997.

      your post which claimed that IBM stock was diluted
      after their previous stock split demonstartes that you
      are a very ignorant and stupid person as far as your
      investment knowledge is concerned.

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