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  • NSthreads NSthreads Nov 9, 1998 7:42 PM Flag

    Interest rate cut?

    There seems to be growing concern the Fed will
    not cut rates which will knock the markets back down.
    What is Greenspan going to


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    • Wait for IBM to dip down 10% and then buy.

    • I found the IBM price for the split on 6/1/79.
      The price after the split was about $38. IBM was $152
      before the four for one split. It then declined to
      $30-32. IBM may not split for a while. Why split a stock
      just for the sake of splitting it? Lets see if it can
      maintain this price for a while or head higher. Personally
      I think it can go higher.

    • In 1973 apparently there was a terrible bear
      market. IBM decided to do a consolidation of shares 1 for
      4. Do you know the closing price of IBM one day
      before the split and the closing price the day of the
      split in 1979. I think that I saw in my IBM statement
      that they have paid some 320 of uninterupted dividend
      payments. I stand to be corrected on this last point.
      Anyone know?

    • When is the next IBM split date.


    • It went so low back in 95 or 96 that it seemed to split. The market took it down to $40-41. It is hard to imagine that it has gone from $40 to $320 not including the split in 4 - 5 years.

    • big blue lookin good, they are making excellent
      chips and may put intel out in the cold now that the
      dept. of justice is breathing down intels back, ibm has
      the hottest new notebook as stated by mobil computing
      magaizine this month, they once again are making the most
      new pattents this year and are growing very nicely, i
      think it will split soon, its an excellent company, buy

    • Without meaning to beat a dead horse here, the
      last 2 IBM stock splits were 5/27/79 (4 for 1), and
      5/27/97 (2 for 1).

      Ref. Nov 1998 issue of Standard
      & Poor's Stock Guide, pg. 104.
      The Guide lists
      all stock splits for the last 5 year period.
      IBM just happens to in the list of stocks on page

      IBM never split its stock n 1996 as you had

    • This info has been posted here quite a few times
      but at the risk of boring everyone else here's the
      dates for all the splits that I know of.

      1926 3
      for 1
      1929 Market Crash however IBM stock pays 5%
      1930 Employment increases and IBM again pays 5%
      1946 5 for 4
      1948 7 for 4
      1952 5 for
      1957 2 for 1
      1959 3 for 2
      1964 5 for
      1966 3 for 2
      1968 2 for 1
      1973 1 for
      1979 4 for 1
      1997 2 for 1

      As far as
      the 1997 split, it was announced on December 12th of
      1996 (Stock was at $150 per share), but needed
      ratification by the stockholders at annual meeting in April.
      It was voted that all stockholders of date would
      receive 2 for 1. Stock split on May 12th 1997 and price
      was $168.34. Hope this helps.....GO BLUE!!

    • I am not sure of the exact dates but sometime in 1996 IBM did
      split 2 for 1!

    • Unfortunately, IBM has been rather inactive in
      the area of forward (as opposed to reverse) stock
      splits. The most recent IBM stock splits were:

      27, 1979 - stock was split 4 for 1
      May 27, 1997 -
      stock was split 2 for 1

      Strange, the stock was
      split on May 27 in both instances !!!!

      it. Hope this is what you were looking for.

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