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  • plainfielder plainfielder Mar 16, 1999 12:53 PM Flag

    TEKIDIOT read this it shows what IBM rea

    Wired Magazine
    April 1999


    R&D Into Dollars and

    Despite a staid, men-in-blue image, IBM�s R&D labs have
    always generated bleeding-edge ideas. Copper-wire
    microprocessors, RISC processors, and DRAM memory chips were all
    invented there. But too often it was other companies -
    Sun, Intel, Motorola - that profited from these
    "We used to have fights over one esoteric
    semiconductor design versus another," recalls Paul Horn, a
    17-year Big Blue veteran who heads IBM Research. "We had
    great research that didn't fit with our manufacturing
    That changed when Lou Gerstner became CEO in 1993 and
    started agitating the test tubes. Gerstner immediately
    chopped $1 billion from the R&D budget (the current
    budget is a still-healthy $5.5 billion) and then asked
    the division to focus less on pure research and more
    on ideas that had a chance of becoming salable
    products. Researchers were paired with product developers
    to find solutions to real-world problems. Today, at
    least a quarter of IBM�s 2,900 - strong research staff
    in its eight worldwide labs works directly with
    This approach has generated results. Take voice
    recognition. IBM spent decades trying to get computers to
    understand human speech. In the old days, this research
    surely would have languished in the laboratory. Now the
    technology is found in IBM�s inexpensive off-the-shelf
    ViaVoice software.
    But voice recognition is peanuts
    compared to the company's disk drive business. Despite
    having invented the hard drive, IBM had no PC disk drive
    division until 1994. Today, thanks in part to new research
    into magnetoresistive heads, the unit generates $2.5
    billion in revenue - about 3 percent of IBM�s total
    But, hey, it�s not all big ideas. In addition to disk
    drives, IBM�s Nobel Prize-studded research team (five
    laureates) is building nano-scale integrated
    So what�s that vaunted brain trust up to now. Take a
    quick tour of the R&D sandbox below.
    - Kambiz

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    • just made a bad choice in the days of his youth, a long time ago.

    • an ice carnival every winter. i suggest you
      volunteer yourself as a human image. to be frozen for next
      year. your brain already is. so what is the difference.
      woody allen may unfreeze you in 2312.


    • There's round a rumor that George Soros will buy
      another 20% of outstanding common shares of
      CIB (ticker)

    • I see the negative feedback to your mindless
      attacks has finally gotten through to you. you are now
      admitting you need professional help to straighten up your
      basic fibres!

      There is no use for you to put
      cosmetics on your face and trying to attack the IBM
      management instead of the peopl on the this board. you have
      done enough damage to yourself already.

      it does not feel too good to be a son of a bitch
      after all, does it??

      Well i hope you learned
      your lessons! And learn to be more curteous and learn
      more facts before you open your traps.

    • I have am excuse, I sometimes drink at night
      before I go to sleep. You are posting like you are maybe
      drunk at 7am? You don't even really look like you are
      drunk quite frankly. You just look stupid. Instead of
      just being a lawyer dropout and posting stupid shit on
      the IBM board, why don't you go back to law school
      and actually get a degree. It will show up in your
      thought patterns of you writing.

      You did post some
      nothing stuff on the MSFT board that I read occasionally.
      What happened on the IBM board?

      Opposite. an unauthorized version of Dr. Opposite's

      I do remember:

      Dr. Fungcool, dr. O remember
      this IBM 199 or 200. Ya, sometime in the future and
      who knows when. Your buddy.

    • many people did you steal from today Pasta? maybe you will do better tomorrow. but one thing i will do --not leave this board to little thieves like you.


    • reading for a couple months you may have come
      across my saying i never worked for, (thus never fired
      etc.) never practiced law for them, tho i had to fill
      out depositions and written interrogatories a half
      dozen times for clients who may have been in the field.
      I never owned their stock, tho 20 years ago i
      bought it for a client--they made good money in it. i
      workd for univac early in my legal career but quit
      cause their management was gutless. Ibm could have had
      its domination ended more than 30 years ago instead
      of 10. Mgmt of large amer. cos. much less able than
      given credit for. the tech. industry today has produced
      an awful lot of terribly capable, bright,
      imaginative people--ibm is a dying co. and they have
      accelerated their demise by p*ssing away their money. In the
      80's and early 90' they did it with early retirements.
      they didnt have the courage to fire cause of ego. we
      are big blue. we never terminate. 50 years from now
      they will be as memorable as montgomery ward, pan am.
      etc. they lived became big, grew old and died.


    • get a new rug dude

    • I have been watching your messages on this board
      for a few months. Your knowledge of IBM is amazing
      and most of the time on the money. You have mentioned
      that you use to live in NY - Croton-On-Hudson area. I
      have one question to ask and lets be honest. Are you a
      former bmer that was "retired" by the company a few
      years back? Only that could explain the hatred that
      permeates your messages. It would be nice to read one of
      your missives without the vitriolics. You have a lot
      to add, unfortunately there is no impartiality.

    • the next big short is at&t. That pig is going
      down also.
      tell me my brother, did you like
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      see ibm
      go down 2-5 points within next day and a half.

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