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  • LOUS_WALLET_IS_FAT LOUS_WALLET_IS_FAT Apr 30, 1999 11:41 AM Flag

    This is absurd !!!

    All of you lame ass IBMers, wasting Lou's $$$
    posting on this BB.
    No wonder he is disolving the
    Pension fund. You fucking deserve it !!! If you were
    being productive, he would be rewarding your ass!!!
    Stop your fucking crying and get back to work !!!!

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    • great post weirdo

    • I used to work for one of the sub contractors for IBM and other electronic manufacturers. Once at a social gathering a group of young men my age were chatting and I decided to introduce myself. When asked which department I worked in I told them I worked for this other company to which they all burst out in laughter, referring to my business and those like it as blood suckers and parasites that would be lost without IBM. How IBM had things on the shelf too advanced for public release that would keep them viable for the next 300 years. I was made to feel most unwelcome.
      To all of them whom I would never hope to meet eye to eye and if I could I would have the most evil look in my eye and ask them what happened to all those great things just lying about? And how I laughed and sniggered with condescending glee with every announcement of each IBM layoff. And now, I would love to make a contribution to the legacy left in Endicott by IBM besides high cancer rates and two headed babies. A truck load of tumbleweed to blow down North Street.

    • Yes, but those with 20 years to days from the 25
      year mark are hit EXTREMELY hard and could never
      benefit enough from teh new plan, even if they stayed
      until 75 years of age or more. Where do you think they
      get the $20M in savings just from a few months in
      1999? It's certainly not from the new hires... it's
      from those that barely missed the bridge. Obviously,
      they did some outstanding calculations to know how to
      set the effective dates to make such a tremendous
      savings in a few short months in 1999. It's those that
      have their life plan and retirement planned around a
      caring company with a pension that fall just short of
      the 5 years of service or age bridge. Obviously, only
      20% of IBM gets an option and that's a tremendous
      savings for just a few short months in 1999!

    • Why don't you stay away permanantly!!! You act so
      innocent YOU weren't being sarcastic when you
      belittle IBM employees who express legitimate concerns
      (yes and whine a little too!) about their future with
      IBM!!! Grow up and act like a man you whimp!!!!

    • ... to raise the level of discourse on this
      board. It really is possible for adults to disagree
      without stooping to childish vulgarity. Anyway, you'll be
      glad to know I'm outa here for two weeks or until this
      board settles down to discussing IBM as a business and
      an investment....

    • AAPL has a bright future, but quarterly
      financials and projections need to be closely monitored, as
      well as Jobs' continued participation _and_ the future
      direction he takes, as he has shown himself to be less than
      omnipotent in the past. Better than Amelio

      IBM/Gerstner have a bright future for at least the next five
      years; all you need to do is buy and hold.

      the story gets legs, the Intel PSN fiasco is just a
      hiccup to IBM and will be fixed one way or another --
      either by IBM itself or IBM publicly shaming Intel into

    • What is your opinion on this? Do you think this
      is enough to make people move to different
      machines/platforms or just buy lower margin Pentium IIs?

      remember looking at AAPL at 20$ thinking they were a
      buyout target. Now I wonder if they are a bargain at


    • >Meanwhile, Zero-Knowledge also has
      >but is not demonstrating on its Web site, a
      >that the serial number can be made
      >through software at the BIOS level, Hill

      >"This is the first time anyone has proven that
      >you disable [the Pentium III serial number] in
      >BIOS it can still be reactivated," he said.
      >serious because Intel has gone to all the
      >manufacturers" and told them they can securely
      it at the BIOS. "Well, that is no longer
      secure way," he added.

      The above statement cannot
      be found at the ZKS website.
      (This does not make it untrue, just narrows it down to
      one source, highly computer literate CNN.

      However, I tend to lean towards the thrust of the story.

      BIOS code, even highly restricted Intel patch areas
      can, with enough horsepower and determination, be

      The PSN was, and is, ill-conceived.

      If the
      BIOS hack story turns out to be true, it will be
      interesting to see if the story gains legs, and what IBM will
      do about it, as they, of all the PC vendors, have
      the guts to tell Intel "like it is."

      IBM has
      been there before -- publicly going on record against
      Intel's last great public relations meltdown, the Great
      Pentium Floating Point Disaster a few years ago.

      Intel, in its most stupid PR blunder ever, initially
      told the public they wouldn't be entitled to a new
      Pentium chip unless the floating point error were shown
      to be specifically impacting each complaining

      IBM, on the other hand, stood up on its hind legs and
      publicly offered chip replacements to all its customer

      Intel, in the face of a growing PR disaster, finally
      backed off of its narrow-minded replacement

      So, grab a little cognac, relax, sit back and enjoy
      the show, for if the story gains legs, it is Intel,
      not IBM, who will reap the

      Personally, I hope the story _has_ legs:

      Intel's unpublicized (didn't hear about PSN's on P3
      announce day, did you?) move to tag every P3 owner with a
      unique, hackable electronic ID actually exceeds its Great
      Floating Point Disaster in lack of public insight and
      garners the grand stupidity award for the

      There are even rumors around that PSN's are in some
      (Check out - I think I saw
      mention of it there several months ago)

      ==>Note that the preceding sentence is unsubstantiated,
      and I am an IBM stockholder; however, the PSN thing
      is too odious, too much a pain in the privacy butt
      for me to stand silent.

      Personally, in terms
      of CPU hardware, I'm not buying poop until this
      shakes out.

    • Advisory Engineer/Scientist

    • Nothing in brochure about this. Two managers that
      attended meeting heard something about this, but it wasn't
      clear. Also, they didn't know if it applies to old plan
      or only to computations for new plan. They were also
      told that formulas were very complicated (indicating
      that they are not what has been posted previously)

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