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  • olemissgogogo olemissgogogo Aug 27, 1999 12:10 PM Flag

    NEWSFLASH: Greenspan Methanes!

    i know lycos is down but my daddy said not to
    worry none stocks go up and down and that ill make
    money in the long term. my daddys so proud of me for
    takin a interest in stocks that he says ill get my car
    by christmas if i get good grades this semester and
    keep on investin! so im not worried anymore and i owe
    it all to yall for tellin me to invest! wealls havin
    a mixer with the sigma chis tonight shuld be alot
    of fun. im goin outta town on sat. shoppin trip to
    jackson! anyway i jus wanted yall to know that im not
    fellin blue bout lycos and all. the only thing is i dont
    know if ill get the bmw didnt wanna push my luck i
    think ill wait til daddy takes me shoppin and get him
    to go to the bmw dealer teehee! sides hes always in
    a good ole mood round christmas time! tekie
    whadyall thin bout girls who get into fitnes stuff like ms
    america fitness pagent? im thinking bout
    doin some jym
    stuff to buff up a lil? do yall thin its gross
    or do
    yall like a lil muscle? tell me what yall thin,
    ps check out my new cool link on my profil

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    • you entered university in Mississippi?

      Or did you learn it all there?

    • you sure have some wonnerful daddy. how bout your
      Mom? (i know daddy's got the sugar) but if he busy
      with you i thought momma might be lonely.......

      A DG huh? they a real nice bunch at my old school
      some decades back. Tho Kappas were fine ladies
      too.funny sweetness but i can remember whole days back
      there clearly---and it makes (keeps) me young. Let the
      good times roll.

      i real sorry about lcos. dont
      you pay no mind to that dumb old farm boy---we dont
      want no mere 10% a year---we going after 100%. switch
      to michael dell. that ole stock has split every year
      for the past 8 years. and it gonna do good in the
      future cause he one smart dude. hooked up with intel,
      with msft and even with the blue pig.(mostly to get
      their customer lists). he started the business in his
      dorm at U. of Texas. of course since daddy goin to get
      you the bmr for xmas---and yall still have the other
      5 G from the 10 left (or did you spend that in
      Jackson?) you ken buy the dell with it. now that you be
      patient with. i dontlike stocks like lycos that promise
      and dont deliver. youdda thunk the stock would give a
      rise for someone nice and supportive buying it on some
      dumb guy's (me) rec.

      you gonna win the pageant.
      as the gym---there's an old german limerick (them
      germans got a lot of witty rhyming sayings---but in
      german it rhymes0 i translate -(one guy to nother)
      "she's a good looker but there's no muscle in her
      calf"--like i say it rhymes in german.

      tek--the old

      • 1 Reply to tekelet
      • i jus got back from shoppin. my moms real great
        shes the one who took me to jackson. sides moms the
        one who tells me how to get daddy to do all those
        nice things! had a fine time today had lunch and a few
        chardonays. my mom bought me a couple of charms for my charm
        braclet and a pair of pearl earings. ive been pesterin
        her for some tahitian black pearls for a year now
        ever since weall went to tahiti on christmas vacation
        last year. yall ever been to the south pacfic? it was
        real diferent so easy and layed back. one of the most
        beautiful places ive ever been! the flowers are jus gorgous
        and the pinaplles are yummy. anyway i wanted some
        pearls while i was there and daddy wuldnt buy em so
        thats why mom did today shes such a sweetheart i jus
        luv her to pieces! anyway i gotta go now yall be good
        kay sweety? ps dell sounds like a good idea let me
        know more. hugs and kisses

    • had no idea you admire Laurie Donnelly! She's a
      total babe!
      Do y'all look like her? Sorry I didn't
      post you for a while but
      I figured, you know, you
      and Tek... Anyhoo
      No, really, IMHO I think ladies
      with muscle (I mean, like Laurie,
      not bigger biceps
      than me, though) are irresistible. Go for
      That's my vote.
      Your lil buddy in sunny CA,

    • I hate to break up the serenity thats come over
      this board,,, but I have a hard time careing to much
      about what some spoiled little rich girl thinks... I've
      haven't seen or heard anyone so self centered in a long
      time,,, You sound like your pretty sweet and genuine, but
      I'm almost ready to hurl yall.... yall been so nice I
      don't know what i wuda dun with out yall,,, barf
      stock went down, so the next thing you do is go
      shopping with daddys gold card!!! get a real life. get a

    • I think he takes a nap all day and spends all
      night on the computer looking at porno
      sites.....hahahha! Anyway checked out your profile
      page....interesting. Don't know if you're who you say you are or just
      pulling everyone's leg, but not a real good idea to put
      personal info on these pages. Too many wacko's
      around.....By the way didn't you say you are originally from
      Florida? My daughter is now in Florida so am particulary
      watching the weather down there right now.

      As far
      as buffing up....old guys like ourselves
      like a little muscle but think there was a
      little silicon involved in the links you provided. They
      say beauty is only skin deep and in the ultimate
      scheme of things that's probably true, but admiring a
      great looking package is half the fun of opening the
      present!! What's inside is like the icing!!!

      luck with your investing!!

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