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  • sadibmer sadibmer Sep 23, 1999 6:56 AM Flag

    pension plan

    Think the pension plan will change for people with 22years and 40 after the June 30th date? 40 July 31st. 22+ years with IBM and not able to choose bewteen plans.

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      As far as
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    • Is the system unit white or black? Does the mouse
      plug into the system unit or the keyboard? Anytime you
      change hardware you generally have to reboot the system,
      so the proper drivers can be loaded.

      As far
      as physically plugging it in, my guess is that is
      the purpose of the allow for connections
      to systems which have a different plug
      configuration. So if the mouse will plug directly into the port
      don't even use the adapter....if not look at your old
      mouse connection and then plug the identical plug type
      into your connection.

      Hard doing this thru the
      message board....let me know if we're getting close.

    • it was made in 1998 cant find model # got # for mouse? how do i install safely thanks gogo

    • speaking of buffy. Ya gotta luv them golden's. Mine (FRITZ) died last year...14 years old. Like cutting off my right arm. They really are the consummate companion's and loyal to the end. Take care.

    • particular scenario. Not sure why a mouse would
      cause typo's??? Typically the mouse comes with an
      installed driver for your particular system. If you've
      installed a different mouse that has an adapter, did it
      come with any kind of diskette? If not you may be
      working with a system that will automatically reload the
      correct driver @ the time it boots. This ADAPTER, where
      does it plug in? Also what type and model computer are
      you using?

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      bought a new mouse pad with puppies on it ala buffy she
      lies by my feet while i m on computer!!!

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