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  • olemissgogogo olemissgogogo Oct 20, 1999 8:15 PM Flag

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    yall wanted the

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    • Tim,

      Just a few days ago...Unisys reported
      the same type of thing IBM just did....They met
      estimates.....and said they would meet estimates next quarter.
      But.....that the next two quarters would show a slight drop in
      revenue due to Y2K concerns. What Unisys reported was
      much better than what IBM reported today.

      lost 45% of it's value in two trading

      If IBM closes above $90 tomorrow......than the
      market has grossly oversold Unisys.

      And no class
      action lawsuits have been filed against


      ps. Who said Y2K was not going to be a
      disaster.....It already is one.

      Quality names at discount prices.

    • relatively good this quarter, but the quality of
      earnings is very poor, with much of the increase from
      one-time investment and pension fund gains.

      without continued low interest rates and a friendly FED,
      this market is DONE. Markets don't crash because of
      poor earnings. They crash because of external events
      such as interest rate hikes. We have those and the
      fear of more in spades right now.

      I was already
      95% cash since August and took the final bearish
      plunge today by massively shorting the market, when I
      saw the manipulators violently jerk the S&P futures
      premium down near the close.

      The rally of the past
      three days is likely to be recognized as the last gasp
      for this year's market. Since August, every rally has
      proven to be false and abortive, and I believe the
      pattern of lower highs and lower lows will continue until
      a capitulation bottom is reached sometime in

    • I really feel for you guys involved with IBM and
      the pump and dump. But, if you want to see the
      ultimate pump and dump go to (PHCM) 165
      empolyes, $20 Million in revenues, net loses, and a $7
      Billion MARKET CAP !!!!! Earnings, or loses, come out

      Serious, please let me know what you
      think ? Im at that board.

      God Bless

    • The big picture is that we have a 30 year bond
      yield above 6.33%,
      28 year low unemployment, tight
      labor market, a fed that is playing the market like we
      are all part of the TRUMAN SHOW. Weaking dollar
      against the yen and not enough fear in the market to put
      in a bottom yet. If you are long term ( 10 years or
      don't sweat it. But I don't think anybody has truely
      seen or experienced a bear market like in 1987. I hope
      we don't go through another and I truly think that
      Greenspan doesn't want a
      repeat of that either. But if
      his hand is forced by a hint of
      inflationary data
      I don't think that he will hesitate to
      rates and that will not bode well for this skitish
      market. Earnings have been coming in better than expected
      and I think
      that is the only thing keeping this
      market up other than institutions buying at technical
      levels. Best of Luck

    • Most of the over-reaction is in the after hours
      trading. Same thing with dell, apple, etc..

      will open low.
      Capitulation from longs will occur.

      Shorts will press their bets shorting some more.

      Stocks bottom at this point.
      New longs wanting in on
      the stock see it down from 139 and the bad news is
      out start buying.
      Shorts start to cover.
      who sold say its not that bad and get back

      Some institutions will support IBM saying the price
      has discounted the slow down.

      Not saying the
      stock will end up but will probably hold 100 and close
      closer to 105.

    • AustinPowers_Intl_Man_Of_Mystery AustinPowers_Intl_Man_Of_Mystery Oct 21, 1999 12:51 AM Flag

      If it goes down, well then I'll just buy

      Personally I think it will gap down as a bunch of
      suckers sell the shares short. Then watch it climb.
      reported slowdown was WAY better than the analysts
      expecting, and the market had already priced in the
      over-reaching assumptions about Q3 and Q4.

      I would
      frankly love to see IBM at under 100 tomorrow,
      it will only see that level briefly, IMHO!
      aftermarket was simply a lot of weak hands bailing
      Wow! What HUGE LOTS! Instinet 300 shares here
      shares there, 1300 shares, the biggest I saw. These
      retail daytraders.


    • jobs for HWP or XRX or UIS or at the very least WDC.

    • Many "analysts" like yourself have repeatedly
      criticized Gerster's judgement and his decision not to break
      up the company. The rise in stock price speaks since
      Gerstner took over speaks for itself. Although IBM's
      revenues aren't great and are increasing at a snails pace,
      customers once again have faith in the company and it's
      ability to deliver cutting edge products and services.

      Gerster's latest bold move of "coopetition" - supplying
      compeditors with leading-edge chips and computer devices
      developed by IBM research is a bold strategy that has also
      been criticized in the press. However, I am willing to
      give Gerster the benefit of the doubt based on his
      past track record.

      I find several of your
      statements such as "ebusiness just an extension of the
      reengineering with IT that has been going on for 30 years
      except this time using the internet as the enabling
      technology" and "IBM has been taking other companies expense,
      people, and turning it into revenue. It's mostly, "stuck
      in the past" mainframe operational services" very
      concerning considering your supposed to be an analyst yom34.
      Are you sure your an analyst in the IT industry?

    • Wow, I was thinking about getting in at $86 until your missel landed...........rocket

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