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  • fisherking_5590 fisherking_5590 Jan 23, 2001 1:41 PM Flag


    By the way, in the business I am in you get to be a good judge of character . . . and, usmc is truly a character. Really, he is a good person with whom I just have some philosophical differences. It is good to have him active on this board to keep us Liberals humble. The Fisherking considers him a valued friend.

    From slightly left of center,
    Bob R.

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    • Welcome, we're more fun than MRK. algore moved to Va. I don't think he's actually ever lived in Tenn. I know Nashville seems to not like him much.

    • I took our great "unbiased" media at their word. They said replace the keyboards which while I thought that was extreme if it's not true you can't print it - right?

    • I didn't take it that way. I was trying to point out that something that you hven't done that looks simple from the outside is really very complex and difficult on the inside. GOLF!!!!

    • Shalom

    • actually thought that was a cute prank ... I guess I'd forward the bill to Slick Willie as another, or maybe Hillary, since she still has a job ;>) ... seems like a pretty fair trade to me -- the Dems get to have a little phun wiff fonics and W gets the White House ... Republicans will take that trade any day of the week ... BTW, I wonder if Al plans on trying to find out why the people in his home state didn't vote for him? ... I think having one AG in the news all the time is enough anyway ...

    • Actually, I got a pretty good chuckle out of this one. Some keyboards were damaged where the key spring was destroyed; most just had the 'W' cover removed which IS funny. Don't need to replace a keyboard for THAT -- just get a replacement supply of 'W' key covers. They pop right off and on again. Don't remember specifics but know it's not the first time shenanigans (yes, that's all I'ld rate this as -- for the most part, at least) have been pulled between changing of the guard. If they do replace all the keyboards, they're being wasteful; even if they do, the Tech Support will just replace the key covers and put them back in service.

    • Please tell me you don't believe I was making a comment on your abilities as a parent. If you thought that for a second, please stop and accept my apologies for any misunderstanding. Most comments I make here are on a societal basis. If a address a post to you, the comments aren't necessarily aimed at you (those that are are usually pretty clear) aside for the purposes of dialogue. I don't claim to have a more well-informed opinion, just one on what I would consider to be the proper goals of an education system.

    • You're right. The kids all have it pretty good, but I'd do anything in my power to help them jump start their lives to their full potential.

    • peace

    • Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of those damn liberals? Se�or Rusty knows . . . BWAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH.

      Oh my Gawd --- I'm turning into Doc Fungcool. That's scary -- true evil. The dark side beckons . . .

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