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  • bboru11 bboru11 Feb 15, 2001 12:46 PM Flag

    IBM employee news at:

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    • But that's where you have blinders on. The fact that the pension fund is bloated such that IBM will not have to make contributions for the foreseeable future DOES indeed help IBM's bottom line. That's a savings of MILLIONS of dollars every year!

    • I am sorry to say that you now know two current IBM employees who are part of the "quota" system. It stinks!

    • "So the question is what is the alliance and iebac afraid of?"

      They are afraid of the truth and finding out what the rEAL opinion is. Why is it that they haven't taken a vote yet? They are scared to death that they wouldn't even muster 10% of the vote and then they be laughed out of any future attempt. At least "pretending" to have support, they are able to suck money out of the blind supporters, and isn't the the real ultimate goal of any union, to collect dues?

    • "Ski, I am not arguing that 1s are not possible, just that they percentage of 1s
      are handed down from HR. I also did not argue the quality of raises, so I don't
      know where you are coming from on that point."

      Where I'm coming from is that people are claiming that they can't earn a 1 rating because of a "quota". I'm saying that is pure BS because EVERY individual has the opportunity to be a 1. There is normally a reason why people are rated a 4 and get a 1% raise and a "quota" is NOT the reason.

    • I couldn't agree with you more. The focus of IBM employees is on their work. The ones who focus on this other crap need to get their minds on more productive things. If they can't focus on the work they were hired for, then as a stockholder, I wish they would leave and become a drain upon IBM's competitors instead.

    • #######
      But over the years the pay and benfits has gotten much better. I'm at a loss as to where you get the impression that everything has been going down hill.

      Can you be abit more specific of "over the year" and "benefits for whom" and the scale you are using?

    • You have to be band 10 or above to even be elegible to get options, or you have to "inherit" them by working for a company where you had options and were purchased by IBM (like everyone, including the receptionist, when IBM bought the company where I worked).

      For engineers, that means "Architect", "Distinguished Engineer", or above.

      For annual incentives, it's a more level playing field, with the payout being based on performance and evaluation (if you get the highest rating each time you are evaluated, this is good; I don't really have experience with getting lower ratings personally, but the math says "less good").

      One thing that did change recently (in the last year or so) is that there is a difference in the performance basis between band 10 and above vs. below band 10, where if you are below the cutoff, it's more based on overall company performance, whereas if you are above, it's more based on division performance.

      The stated reason for this was, paraphrased, "to encourage divisions to work better together", which is pretty funny, if you know anything about games theory and higher math, since it basically set up a non-linear Richardson situation which actually disincents cooperation. I guess they figured anyone who could do the math was band 10 or above. A more correct game that would have the emergent properties they wanted would be to do the opposite, and tie upper management compensation more to overall, with the workers having responsibility for their division.

      In laymans terms, are you going to spend time cooperating for a potential future reward, or are you going to make your boss happy?

      FWIW, I think that union interference in the experimental process would lock it into one state, by contract, and prevent IBM from getting it right later (I have confidence that they will figure out that the current situation is not in their long term best interests).

    • Were proud to be suportiving of Mr. Gerstner. He saved IBM, and now all these minorties are complaneing. Wed love to have the news show our side, the white side, the right side. But the jew and unionist controled media just likes to print stories atacking Mr. Gerstner and all white people. Thats what hapens when you give jews and minorties to much power.

      Weve had Blue Shirt Wenesdays for months now and hundreds of members but the jew controled media wont show anthing that is suported by real red-blooded Americans.

    • You missed my question.... If a department of 10 people had 5 absolutely outstanding/extrordinary employees, are you saying that they could not be rated as such? Are you also saying that a 10 person department with 10 very marginal performers, that 1 or 2 would have to be rated a "1" to meet the "quota"?

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