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  • dodgegal1969 dodgegal1969 Mar 8, 2001 11:36 AM Flag

    Wheres the outrage over Byrd? 2

    George W. Bush's compassionate conservatism may please white moderates, but 91 percent of blacks voted against him in last year's election. And no matter how much compassion he shows in office, they're likely to do so again in 2004.
    That's because Democrats have done an astonishingly effective job of convincing African-Americans that Republicans are racist.
    Bill Clinton did it by demagoguing issues like church burnings and racial profiling.
    So did Al Gore, when he warned black audiences that the GOP "doesn't even want to count you in the census."
    Elected black Democrats like Charlie Rangel and Democratic operatives like Jesse Jackson perpetuate the myth by regularly characterizing Republicans as "Nazis."
    It's no accident, for instance, that in Bush's homestate of Texas, the 27 percent of blacks who supported him for governor in 1998 deserted him in droves when he ran for president.
    The GOP can thank the supposedly nonpartisan NAACP driving blacks away with their outrageous campaign commercial linking Bush to the dragging death of African-American Texan James Byrd.
    Yet when a leading Democrat makes the most racist comments ever uttered by any politician on national TV, Republicans are silent.
    Sen. Majority Leader Trent Lott, whom Democrats tried to paint as racist two years ago for attending a few meetings of the Council of Conservative Citizens, remains mute on Byrd's "white n----r" comment.
    Attorney General John Ashcroft, whose opposition to a single judicial appointment was enough to get him tarred by Democrats as a racist, remains silent on Byrd's "white n-----r" comment.
    South Carolina Republicans, whose state was recently forced to remove the Confederate flag from its capitol after critics complained it was a symbol of racial oppression, remain silent on Byrd's "white n----r" comment.
    The fact is, most African-Americans don't know about Sen. Byrd's outrageous remark because they haven't been told. The New York Times, for instance, has steadfastly refused to report the incident and the rest of the media, with few exceptions, is going along quietly.
    But hey, why should they bother to report Byrd's remark? Republicans certainly don't sound very upset and Democrats are content to give one of their own a pass.
    As long as the GOP is unwilling to challenge the double standard that paints them as racist Nazis and Democrats as civil rights good guys, they better get used to losing the black vote big-time.
    And no amount of compassionate conservatism is going to change that.

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    • Dodgegal, you are as separated from reality, humanity, facts, truth, honesty, as a prostitute is from her hymen. (I thought I would give you an example that YOU could relate to, for you haven't seen your hymen since you were 12 and you held the title "village whore".)


    • My. my....Tsk Tsk, I certainly got you all worked up into a frenzy of intolerance! Ho, ho, ho... I suggest you go to your nearest dictionary and look up the word "rebuttle" and "refute". I used your own incriminating words to hang you. You gave me the rope and I just fashioned it into a noose and put it around your head and ugly face. To have such contempt for children to condone their exploitation as you have stated makes you a very sick person. Your statement did not contain any disclaimers denoucing the exploitation and abuse. By not condemning it you actually were promoting it.

      If you state that it is "necessary" for countries to exploit children then you are obviously in favor of corporations taking jobs from the United States and getting slaves in other countries to do their work. It would be ok to you because it is "NECESSARY" for the "development" of those countries. What hogwash! You are a typical person who puts profit over people. You do not care about people as long as a greedy corporation (and you) can profit from the misery of them through exploitation.

      The rest of your post is filled with references to body parts. Why did you mention them? It is just more of a reflection into the empty soul that you are. Only a person without a soul could condone the exploitation of children through slave labor camps, child prostitution, and other despiciable acts against humanity.

      I will pray for you to find a soul and to find one cell of humanity somewhere in your entire hate-filled body. I pity you and all who think as you do. Just remember, while you are typing, millions of children are in forced labor camps and US corporations are exploiting them for profit and greed. What are you doing to stop this practice? Reelecting more republicans and democrats who are proponents of this abhorrant practice?????

      Get a life Dodgegal, but more important, get a soul.

    • Silent, you are too generous in stating "you do tend to lie alot". Cornholeinyourhead is as far from the truth as a castrated pig is from his sperm.

    • I asked you to show me where I stated I supported child labor. You cannot. I stated a fact. Child labor existed in this country out of necessity. It stiil does in many other countries today. Where in that statement does it say I support it? No where. I will reprint the post in it's entirety since you do not have the testicals to back your big mouth and little brain.
      Another copy of your non-rebuttal fiction is what you should call this tripe.
      So, all the farmers that have sowed and reaped for 300 years in this country are slave labor traders? Tell me you idiot, are they? You idiot.
      Define rebuttal you moron. Rebuttals usually are made to counter a statement of fact using facts to support the rebuttal. Do you understand that you idiot? The fictioanl COMposts you pump from the cesspool in your head
      Once again you intellectual dishonesty rises to the top. You are just too ignorant to debate so you fling baseless charges to deflect attention from your glaring ignorance.
      Since you do not have the testicals to back up your big mouth, it is all anyone on this board can expect of you. Be careful on windy days. Your skirt could fly up in your face and cause you to injure yourself.

    • Silent, are you a total moron? I told you exactly how the congress was composed during Reagan's years. You can look it up from scores of government sites. YOU look them up. I already know the makeup under Reagan. If you choose to remain ignorant and remain inable to perform your duties as a citizen and search for the truth then that is your problem. I will not lead a moron around by the nose. That is up to the RNC and DNC. Which one do you allow yourself to be led around by? Oh yeah, the RNC. Get off of your ass and do your own research. You might just learn something. Naaaa.

    • We can read what you say. However you do tend to lie a lot. So find a site that shows how congress was configured under reagan and post it.
      If what you say is true you should be able to do this.

    • Oh Silent, I did explain to you the makeup of congress during the reagan regime. I will do it again, and please read it ten times so that you can grasp what I have written. During reagan's 8 years he had a Congress made up of a republican controlled Senate for two years. The other six years were democrat controlled, but by a very slim majority. As for the House, it was controlled by democrats for the entire 8 years of the reagan regime, but it too was mostly a slim majority, and not veto-proof. Did you get that? Ok, now if you did let us move on to the next subject.

      You said I singled out one congressman and tried ot blame him. Duhh. If the "one congressman" is guilty then should I "blame" another congressman who was not a part of any illicit or tyrannical action? As for proof, call up Delay's office. They will officially deny it. Then ask them what committee oversaw the discussions about stopping the continued exploitation of children so that corporations could make a huge profit. Maybe they will disclose that bit of information, but probably not. They do not want to reveal themselves to be a party to child exploitation, even if they were. Then do something that you have obviously never done, go and do your own investigative reporting. It doesn't matter if I gave you 1000 bill numbers you wouldn't believe one of them until you do your own research. Unfortunately, the actions by Delay to perpetuate the misery and manipulation of children never made it to bill form. As I stated, Delay used every legislative trick at his disposal as the majority whip to prevent that from happening. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH AND START TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    • Poooorrrrr, poooorrrrr SICK dodgegal,

      Where do I start? Now you are in denial that you ever made statements are in YOUR post. My rebuttle to your pro-child slavery post was accurate and true. Now you choose to disassociate yourself from your own words. Talk about a lack of personal responsibility! What a hypocrite.


      Since you are not worth the time to rebut all of your wild and imaginary delusions I will comment on one glaring and disturbing one.

      You stated: "As for child labor, we had an awful lot of child labor in this country. It was out of necessity. Many countries still have it out of necessity."

      Humm, I suppose you would have been in favor of your child working 14-18 hours a day like when children were abused in such a way during the early part of the industrial revolution in America? You would also have opposed any legislation to prevent child exploitation and abuse by corporations as long as you could profit from it. Capitalism is your god. To hell with children.

      You obviously also support forced child labor and child prostitution, just like Tom Delay does. The democrats in congress have been trying to place sanctions on Taipai because they are using children as young as 5 and 6 in forced slave labor camps and also forcing girls into prostitution at 10. Tom Delay has used every legislative tactic to STOP any sanctions against that country because his corporate donors are profiting from the misery of children and the oppressed. So far, Tom Delay has succeeded in blocking any attempt to make corporations accountable. And you say that it is ok for children to work in slave camps and to be forced into prostitution. Republicans are hypocrites. They say they are for personal responsibility but they do not want a corporation to have any responsibility if that corporation can make money off of the misery of others.

      You must also support sweat shops too because corporations can profit from them greatly. You must own a lot of Nike stock because they are one of the worst offenders of profiting from the disadvantaged, the poor, the young, and children. NIKE uses them all to make their shoes and the workers get slave wages or no wages at all after they pay for expenses in the compounds they work in. These people get paid a few cents a day. The cost of their shoes including the paltry labor costs, shipping, and all the middlemen when these shoes pass through US customs is less than five bucks a pair. Nike then sells them for up to 200 dollars. You would say that is good business. I say it is exploiting others for money, one of the worst crimes against humanity. But you say it is ok for a corporation to do whatever it wants as long as people like you can profit from other people's misery. You have proven to be the sickest of the sick with your last post. I need not even comment on anything else you write for you have shown your true colors. You are a malicious parasite who feeds off of children and the oppressed and you are enjoying it. YOU ARE SICK.

      If you are so in favor of exploiting children why don't you send your own offspring to a work camp to work 14-18 hour days? After all, it would be good for the corporations that are enslaving them. Then you could make a profit off of your own children.

    • Then why dont you back up what you say with some proof. Why dont you post how the house and senate were composed under Reagan?
      You and a chimney is a good comparison. You both sever little to none functional purpose in the world today and do little more that blow smoke.
      Republicans or Democrats are not the issue. You single one congressman out and try to blame him. Yet you fail to post any bill that he shot down on the issue. Like I said back up your claims.

    • Silent, even if I happened to be a "half wit" as you allege I still have enough bricks to make a full chimney. You obviously don't because you do not have the brains to be able to competently rebut my valid post. Ok, now you can respond again like a schoolyard punk with no brain. There are no lies in my post. I imagine that you have heard so many lies when you were growing up that you cannot tell the difference. One of the first lies that you heard was probably from your mother who said that she knew who your father really was out of the hundreds of men who serviced her.


      "Silent, you are not working with a full deck. I understand that. Because I am dealing with someone who is mentally handicapped and does not have the capacity to reason or think on a 6 year oold level, I will not continue to present facts that you cannot understand. But maybe you can get it into your low IQd brain and realize that I am not a democrat. I have stated this countless times but you republicans automatically go on a tirade about everyone being a democrat who condemns the actions of your god-like republicans. Wake up dumbass. I will repeat, the democrats and republicans are both for sale to the highest bidders and it is people like you who condone their positions as prostitutes.

      As for the Tom Delay legislative manuvering, why don't you get off of your ass and do some research on your own. Call his office. In fact call all the representatives. Do something other than just being a lamb to the republican RNC who tells you what to think, what to say, and what to do.

      BTW: The democrats did NOT control both houses of congress for forty years. The republicans were in control of the Senate during Reagan's first two years. And Mr. Paradoxical, if the democrats were in control for all of those years, which include the 1980s, why don't you give them credit for the end of the cold war or the economic boom that we had? Republicans speak out of both sides of their mouths, maybe to make up for the fact that they only have the capacity to use a few cells in their brains. Wake up, and stop being a pawn to your masters.

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