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  • valueman60 valueman60 Nov 15, 2012 11:07 AM Flag



    I believe you owe me an apology
    You have just come on to the board. I have been here foir quite a time before you and have stated (guess you are not aware) that I was along HK with a modest amount of my assets for a SPECULATIVE play because of my prior experience with Floyd Wilson in Petrohawk. I also stated clearly as he has that it is not a short term play, a three year plan to build a sale able company.
    Floyd would be the first one to tell you (if you could speak with him) that he realizes and is ok with a low share price for quite awhile (as long as it is not too low, hence the recent orchestration).
    So what is wrong with being honest about what I see and what is reality surrounding the company and the shares?
    Why do only short term hypsters who want to either pump or bash the shares to help them in their short term trades have a voice on this forum?
    By your own admission, you fall in that category as you have already posted about your short term trading activity and targets.
    And add to that , you were completely wrong when you posted that the shares had a technical breakout. If you were a valid technician, you would know that the shares would have to close consistently above $6.26 for many days on heavy volume to have a breakout of the lowered trading range since it pierced that long term support on HEAVY volume and has closed below it for many many days.
    So what is disingenuous is your attacking me, when you should be welcoming my imput and learn from others who perhaps might have something to add to the equation.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Listen, I do not think you know squat about technical trading.1. There are many kinds of technical breakouts depending on price levels or trend lines , 30 min ,60 min or daily charts ect. I first bought on a breakout on the 30 min chart , it failed and I sold immediately for a small profit. I bought again at the 5.65-70 level on the breakout on the daily chart. And yes we have had two days of heavy volume and it is still well above that trend line and I think this stock has bottomed .You nor anyone else can accurately predict what will happen with this stock in 3-5 years. 2. This company has enough liquidity for the coming year and does not need to raise any more in the near term 3, We know the headwinds because CNBC tells us the same things every hour day after day 4. You have no clue who is buying and who is selling at this time.5. You have to trade this stock ( at least around a core position) irregardless of your time frame for disciplined money management.6. It matters not whether the insider buys were orchestrated, the relevant point is that they were large purchases , bought with real money with no guarantee of a return therefore it was a matter of conviction for these insiders on what they perceived to be an undervaluation of the stock.7. You just sound frustrated that you did not buy the bottom or got shaken out and now you just want to talk the stock down by stating the obvious or unfounded conjecture. 8. The market doesn't care what you or I think but at least I have skin in the game

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