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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Apr 18, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    If you trust me.........

    Go buy Apple and you can celebrate in about a year and buy me a drink when i turn 21.....Talk about perfect timing just about. (Only put 25% of what your willing to invest into apple here, I do think it could see between 335 and 375, which is where you would want to put in the other 75%)

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    • I see you still have a lot of friends here judging by the 13 red thumbs.I would not comment on this post anymore so that it will bury itself :) Apple is slowly dieing off the vine. As I have said in numerous other post, when Jobs did the stock. Samsung has caught their competition and now Apple is looking for newer ways to make the product cheaper by searching China product lines.NEVER a good idea.

      As for HK, I still humbly believe it's a stock that will once again break away from the markets if they were to dip.If there is no pullback, that's gravy. No need beating my fist here.You all know the story and Floyd is writing new chapters as we speak. Oh and Invest92. No need to keep bringing up P/E ratios.Go back and review PetroHawk's P/E ratio right before we got $37.75 a share :)

      HK---- $10 by year end and that is way under higher institutions price guide!!


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      • did you notice that ole value digger/apple nut is an electrical engineer --ie he knows nothing about the oil/gas business, ie he's a FOREIGNER. The article he wrote is totally BS. He touts Devon leaving the Utica, yet their acreage was TOTALLY out of the play, 100 miles WEST of everyone else's acreage. Devon couldnt sell that acreage to a troll. Then he says CHK has given up on the UTICA?? REALLY ??? What an idiot. Then he doesnt get the woodbine.... They drilled the EDGES of the main channel system to define the play--Read a map will ya?--The absolute best wells havent even started to be drilled, and yet the decline curves on the OUTER wells give 400,000 BOE. This is someone who doesnt get it. Yeah it sucks so bad that they are running 5 rigs each and every day in the play for the last YEAR!!! As i said what an idiot. Yet the guy is touting over the counter stocks in his previous articles? PINK STOCKS--think about it. Then he says the BAKKEN is a loser too. This is one of the WORST articles i have ever read. STICK TO SOMETHING YOU KNOW--with your degree --i'm sure you can tell me about a microprocessor and how many Ms it takes it to respond--but understanding reserve studies and engineering reports on oil and gas wells is not your thing.
        Maybe we will let you wire a panel box, but obviously you dont know ANYTHING about drilling and geology.
        OOOHH and he was proud of his 20% return on his short.. WOW i'm impressed. !!!!! You are a supergenius!!

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    • Really? Just short the vxx and make multiples more..

    • P.S. I like Long Island Ice tea, so that'll suffice for the celebration, look into safeway on a pullback of any moderate amount.

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