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  • intelligentinvestor92 intelligentinvestor92 Apr 26, 2013 2:40 PM Flag


    I don't want any fruity BS, I want a straight forward answer. I think its safe to say we are both in agreeance that over time, based on Floyd's past, Halcon should prosper and make investors a lot of money. However, that doesn't discount the fact that Halcon is not profitable, there fundamentals are dog sheet at best and they have a lot of debt and dilution. So with that as a general view of the company, my question is, when you were invested in Petrohawk, did they have the same lack of fundamentals at the start? Did they have alot of dilution and debt as well? And did they ever get solid fundamentals and reduce debt before selling the company?

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    • great leaders build winners time after time. you almost have to put faith in one man for this company.

    • I see the Value "R"igger has put another article out. He must really be pyst at Floyd for not including him the PetroHawk "exclusive" that fetched us shareholders a 37.75 premium for a little ole' gas/oil company that at the time was not cream of the crop either.


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    • II92....I apologize for just now getting back to you.I've been out all day on the waters trying my luck at a blue marlin.I had the same results as HK's progress today which was no catch. Here it is in a nutshell. No, Halcon does not come even close to being on the same plateau as PetroHawk.Evaluations were a whole lot better and we had some of the best acreage with oil wells pumping beyond velocity in Haynesville with our bread and butter being the Eagleford plains. BHP saw potential and they scooped us up.To tell you the truth ,I think they over-paid,but I figured Floyd played hard ball as he usually does and you see who won. Now fast forward a year later when Floyd bough RAMM. I though to myself #$%$ is he thinking.Then I watched and waited and listened in on his CC's. After the split I waited with baited breath and bought in this past Jan. at 6.55 after the confirm break out of dipping down in the low $4's. I then bought more at 6.80 and here recently got a double whammy when I sold 1/3 of my #1 GOLDEN stock,ATRS(82K shares originally) and deployed half that money into HK at 7.20.Back out my one day trade with my 5K profit and I'm sitting with an average of about 6.88. I came real close to selling out COMPLETELY yesterday for two reasons.1) HK did poorly yesterday when the market and oil was strong and 2) My beloved ATRS took off about 8% after sitting idle for seven months.Here's my point. I think Floyd has a potential winner here.Yes a lot of debt and not the best of oil-patch land. Do I think we will fetch 12 billion like PetroHawk?Heck No! But I do believe over time as in 2-3 years Floyd will prove all the naysayers wrong. I will keep a very close eye on it and will probably add again on any severe dip. And just to add, I feel the analyst who cover the oil/gas stocks are more accurate then some SA author with an ill-agenda. We might have temporarily lost the battle, but we have not lost the war. I still think we can do $10 by year end.


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