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  • valueman60 valueman60 Oct 7, 2013 11:29 PM Flag

    wait, ol delphi , oh my oh my


    old delphi piqued my interest with his stylish style and obnoxious judgmental ways, so I just had a look at his recent posting history.
    Before his recent HK pumping, the venerable delphi was pumping ZAGG, even using the same tactic of a bear hunt and short squeeze coming etc for whatever reasons. took a look at ZAGG and its now at its 52 week low , within a few pennies after being higher when he was pumping and stating an imminent short squeeze was coming. OOPS ol delph, are we sensing a pattern?
    Oh no, it gets worse, before that he was pumping RIGL, take a look at what that has done since he was pumping it!!!! He was advising people to sell other stocks and buy RIGL.
    OH my goodness, what a jewel he is.
    You know, I am too kind to some of the jewels like him
    oh well, rather give people the benefit of the doubt, but when they just keep asking for it, sometimes you have to give it to ' em,
    Next , the fiend energetlc77 will show his face. no doubt, he will lie and do his false accusation thing.
    hey delph, you should join hands with energetlc77, you two would make a lovely couple.
    Hey people, go the stx board, see what a fine board energetlc77 , who posts there as escapegrlll has made of that board!!!

    This topic is deleted.
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