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  • delphioracle2009 delphioracle2009 Nov 1, 2013 10:33 AM Flag

    Earnings Could Have BIG POSITIVE Surprises ... Management Comfortably Scheduled CC for next Morning ...

    Based on management comfortably scheduling CC for Q3 Earnings to morning after the release of earnings ...

    Could have BIG POSITIVE surprises ... giving market enough to rally the stock from its highest short point in time and then deliver a left right punch from CC ...

    HK short interest:

    ___ On 08/15 was 35,917,878
    ___ On 08/30 it was 41,679,237
    ___ On 09/13 it was 43,558,559
    ___ On 09/30 it was 49,266,475 &
    ___ On 10/15 it was 50,816,893

    The high short interest could make HK skyrocket and probably shoot above $7/share ....

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    • Might not have to wait that long. Shouldn't we get a production update Monday morning before the open? If the numbers are positive enough from that, maybe they announce the new find. I suspect people are going to grow positive and anticipate better earnings. So Monday will set us up for a beat. Then comes those pesky upgrades that make trading difficult.

      I'm positive.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Most companies have their call the next morning.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • Not really ... it is what the management decides ... have you ever worked directly for the top executives in a senior management position ...

        If earnings wouldn't really beat the expectations most management wouldn't leave much time after announcement of the results to CC because they wan to will the confidence of the investment community before shorts would start making opinions ...

        If the results are solid good then you give the longs themselves and to be longs to lift the stock much higher and then have the CC to lift the confidence that market has in the company ...

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