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  • s.eranger Nov 8, 2013 9:54 AM Flag

    Jim Cramer is a liar, fraud and manipulative shill...

    Halcon Resources Corporation (NYSE:HK): Jim Cramer ranked this stock a Sell. Cramer previously ranked this stock a Buy on October 24, 2013. The stock’s 52-week high is $8.28, and its 52-week low is $4.41. Cramer was surprisingly pessimistic about Halcon Resources, saying that the company has to get it together in order to start performing up to his expectations. He noted that making their production goals was something that Halcon should focus on to turn things around.

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    • Do you guys reall listen to him? hahahahahahahahahahhahha, #$%$

    • While I don't follow Mr. Cramer, I doubt that he has any real effect on stock prices in general except for maybe a "knee jerk" reaction by people who should know better. Mr. Cramer is a showman just like the late Joe Granville. Does anyone remember Joe Granville? Great showman and caused for a while quite a sell-off in the market but was overall at the bottom of the list in accuracy.

    • He does not impress me. He is just one voice. Do your own homework, stock price here is a good buy, near book. Missed by 3 cent but earnings per share were up 500% over last year same qtr. Appears some cost were written off causing the miss. The owners are positioning this company for the future. Analyst are downgrading and they are using the earnigs miss to do so. The maket is not always what it seem to be, you fill in the blanks. If you are long sit back and maybe buy if you need to cost average are want to add shares. If it keeps you up at night sell.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Here's what Cramer said on October 24th on his show about Halcon: "Everyone keeps thinking it is too much of a spec. I'm behind the CEO. He has made people a lot of money. This company is for real."

    • Cramer knows a little about many sectors & companies------------enough to get an overview and general direction of the market, but on any given segment, is woefully under-informed. This is natural, as with a market containing so many sectors and detailed machinations, it would be a super-human feat to be able to understand so many working parts of the complex market.

      He is the JACK of all trades-----------and MASTER of none.


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      • Deep...I have been critical of management but after listening to the conference call replay, I am looking for a much better 2014 with higher revenue and lower costs. I do not think the company is worth more than 8-10 dollars but at my ave cost that would be fine with me. I have owned for a while and am a Long term holder so qtr reports do not mean much to me. I only wonder if when Wilson proclaimed to sell the company as his goal after several years, he really meant selling off assets over time until there was nothing left. Time will tell.

      • He's not a shill. You give him too much credit. He's just a simple douche. As Deep say, master of none. But mark my words here, if he recommended something you hold, sell it the next morning, then buy it back the next day or two. You'll profit EVERY TIME.

      • s.eranger Nov 8, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

        Cramer recommends stocks at 52 week highs...tells you to sell at 52 week lows. He's useless...

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