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  • tucker3210 tucker3210 Jun 4, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    JV is gonna happen

    They will add rigs in TMS as soon as they sign dotted line for JV .... this will enable them to revise their production guidance upwards, production up = revenue & cash flow UP. Floyd has said from the start he would grow company into debt, reality is that it takes some time to drill 100's of wells, Halcon is just over 2 years old and has 500,000 plus prime acres in Bakken, El Halcon,& TMS, production is on its way to 50K boe/d ...

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    • ok..convince me..who will the jv partner be?..

    • Looks like HK is concerned about their cash flow and they're looking for a solid company to bail them out through a JV.

    • TMS pad drilling will take the play to the next level,a game changer if you will.
      Operators will become leaner and meaner.
      Lower production and development cost,attractive pad set up for service co.'s,consolidation and better control of crews and schedules on pad for providing critical and timely services as needed and when needed.
      Decreased time between rig up and rig down,improved time from spud to completion and the list goes on.
      IP rates up,well cost down,healthy competition among service co.'s,friendly regulatory and tax structure,cheap royalties and acreage in a play that Wilson hails as the last of the big shale plays !

      I'm convinced HK is going to have to raise full year guidance in the next operational update.

      Warning to all HK shorts if you mess with the Bull you get the horn,right the ol' pooper scooper...just saying.

    • Don't JV's lower the "SHAREHOLDER" value when the company is sold?

      • 2 Replies to darvonkbr
      • Darv, I respectfully would like say you are full of #$%$ !! I don't want to hear anymore of your bs that you are still long in this account or that account, blah, blah, blah.
        No one who is long a stock continuously posts negative comments. Not buying it.
        Take a hike shorty!!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • true BUT , the point is to ACCELERATE the booking of proved reserves for a sale within the next 2 years...
        you can sit here and drill with 2 rigs all day long..... or you can get 6-7 rigs (like GDP is headed by the end of this year) and book em
        2 rigs/ 1 well per month each=24 wells/year=9.6 million barrels booked (400,000 per well times 24) and thats being conservative..... or you could drill 7 times 12--- 84 wells in a year times 400000 =33.6 million bbls gross times .75(WI) and book 25.2 million bbls....... Which would you rather do?? and im not including the PUDS that also get booked??? that number i gave is proved producing only.....
        75% of a great deal is STILL a great deal, especially with a huge carry of drilling expenses (acreage. drilling G&G)

        Well i'm convinced...... the HH is gonna be a wall banger......
        and they are convinced... cause they are permitting the world down there......
        but it is a big boy game...

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    • Tucker I agree 100%.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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