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  • hairyassgreek hairyassgreek Jun 5, 2014 10:28 AM Flag

    As soon as Obamy starts talking

    the market turns down. We should have learned by now to keep our nose
    out of the rest of the worlds business.

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    • What are you talking about? Under Obama, the stock market has doubled...

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    • What do you know? You said HK would never go over $4.00!

    • Hey HAG, since President Obama took over, the market is up almost 100%, oil production is up almost 20% and the unemployment rate is down almost 6.5%. I hope we have a lot more Obama bad days as opposed to Republicans' good days. By the way, our nose was put in the rest of the world's business by Republicans (Iraq) as well as Democrats (Ukraine). Only difference is that no Americans died when the Democrats stuck the nose in other countries' business. Maybe blowing smoke isn't such a bad idea after all. Saves a lot of lives, don't you thinK? Hope you are making a killing in HK. I am at $3.36

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      • WHEN the market crashes and we head into a great depression because of debt, no body working, and wars who will you blame. The stock market is not the economy. Ask the unemployed. Rich assets up 200% under Obama. Everybody else down 43%.You are delusional at best. Market is up on low volume because of a few reasons. First fake low interest rates, large bank bail outs and favors which also happen to be MM's to hold up the market, no sellers cause there is no alternatives to stocks, and $ taken each week from the workers keeps small light buying going though 401's. Don't be shocked if you see the dow down 3000 or more points in a day. It may happen soon. Now HK is unique. If they continue to find oil and their reserves grow then I think we will see $30-$50 within a couple years. If the market crashes all beats are off. GLTA longs.

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