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  • ifollow_valueman ifollow_valueman Aug 12, 2014 10:39 AM Flag

    Oil will go to $95 before it goes back to $100(if ever)

    This will take out some of the froth from the sector. If US oil production increases as predicted, WTI could could be $90 by 2016. Not my opinion but the guidance from experts in the industry. HK can set its self apart despite that and I think most on the board know how that can happen. I just think these facts should balance out the talk on this board that HK will be back to 7-10 by the end of the year. The macro factors are wieghing against that happening

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    • So, With that said, I can say that you are getting dumber before you are getting smarter, go away fool!!!

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      • First of all, this was not my opinion nor my prediction. Secondly I tried to post about a dozen reports from various news groups and analyst that form this opinion. But for some reason YM is blocking something from these news feeds. Lastly, it's interesting to observe the lengths that some on this board will go in denying credible information . As if having me go away and calling me a fool somehow changes reality for you. Maybe you feel sheltered from the pains of reality by sticking with like thinking individuals. Rather than considering and discussing alternative points of view.

    • you are really not intelligent..... doesnt matter a bit as the oil is 75% hedged anyways....
      keep banging the drum
      ive seen this movie before......
      proof is in the new reserve figures that i personally believe will be released at the show and tell
      and behind that a credit line increase....
      i think there will be a show and tell on the SD Smith well in the TMS... showing the full core in the TMS
      thinking the major leasing period is done.. finally
      now we can really talk about the reserves and show why they think its there and how to get it out... as GDP is doing with all the technical data
      the charts say we retested the bottom and are heading back higher to about the 6.41 level... to retest it 200DMA

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      • Even hedged sentiment can push you lower if oil is below your hedged price. I agree it is a sector problem but I am concerned about support on both gas and oil and whether it indicates real trouble with the economy going forward.

      • And that could be what it takes to set HK apart despite the decline in the sector overall. Look there's no denying whats happened to O&G players in the last month. Shooting or trying to discredit the messengers doesn't change the reality of whats happening at this very minute.
        Lets temper this $7-8 notion on $100 WTI with a dose of reality. If $100 does happen, historical charts indicate it wont be till next year.
        Yes I know,"the sun may not come up tomorrow", and there could be a new crisis over the weekend. That only changes today's reality till it happens. WS has lost patience with several O&G players, its time to stand and deliver instead of pumping up reserves with a celebrity name.

      • Oilman just body slammed val.

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    • If ever? R u kidding what a stupid comment!

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